Nope it wasn’t a dream! Plan C day 2

Yep, yesterday morning we spent from 9 AM till almost 1 at Sea Tac airport trying to figure out whether or not we were going to Washington DC.  A spurt of bad weather in Dallas, combined with a burnt out ceiling fan in the lady’s room of the Chicago control tower, and a  failure to respond appropriately by American Airlines, resulted in all of our flights being cancelled!

But, being who we are, we went to Plan C, and drove to the Oregon Coast!  This is where we woke up today!


I have pointed out many times that our beaches are NOT warm.  However, these last 2 days have proved me wrong, there have been record-breaking highs (in the 90s even) for places that almost never hit 70!  It was HOT today.

So we started with a walk to the beach at Seaside to stretch out legs.  It must also be razor clam season, because these guys were pulling then in right and left out there!  They had three 5 gallon buckets full!


This guy had a better idea, shirt off and riding the bike on the beach didn’t have a care in the world!


In the distance through the haze, we could just make out Tillamook Rock lighthouse.  It’s on a small island about a mille or so off shore.  I’d love to visit it, but its off-limits to people like you and I.


I also considered just taking one of these and pedaling along the coast to our new hotel, but 50 miles or so woulda been a long slog!


So drive it was!  First stop was Canonbeach with the famous Haystack rock.


This is why I love the Oregon coast.  Its dotted with sea stacks.  Giant chunks of rock that used to be part of the mainland.  It makes for a very rugged coast line!


We also got a better view of the lighthouse


Further south we stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory for free samples and to pick up squeaky cheese (cheese curd!)  This is bar none the best cheese ever!



We finally got to Lincoln City and we are once again staying at the Inn at Spanish Head.  Check out this view!


We were starving by then (the Holiday Inn Expresses breakfast bit ass!) So we headed a bit farther south to Depoe Bay.  It’s a tiny town, and still the weather was great!


We ate at a place I’ve wanted to go to for 20+ years.  The Sea Hag!


Home of good food and grog!!  The french dip was great!  Though this time I skipped the grog.

Now we have 5 days of Ocean life to relax.  No more long travel days. No taxi cabs, or worrying about planes!  Funny thing, Michelle just told me Washington DC is under a flash flood watch!  Yep! I would much rather be here!

Someday I will get to DC, but this time the travel gods were making sure it didn’t happen!

Hope I get to see a whale!





2 thoughts on “Nope it wasn’t a dream! Plan C day 2

  1. It looks beautiful there. Judging by your photos, it doesn’t look like the area is over-developed or particularly touristy. I like coastal places like that. In fact, when I grow up (hah!) I want to live somewhere like that, somewhere quiet, on the coast, preferably with mountains just inland. Am I describing the Oregon coast? 🙂

    1. Very close! One or two towns are touristy, but there are many tony little hamlets like Yachats that have a rugged coastline and very few people. Mountains would be about 2 hours inland for the cascades, but there are some serious foothills right here at the beach.

      I’d love to live here myself 🙂

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