Completed one DC thing at the Ocean! Plan C day 4!

I had a list of things I wanted to see In Washington DC:  The Smithsonian, The White House, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few.  Though there are museums and monuments on the coast, they are just not the same.  However, we did accomplish one of the things that was on my list today!

The last few days, we were in the car a LOT!  Driving from Sea Tac to Seaside, then Seaside to Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, then yesterday down to Newport and Waldport and back.  That is a LOT of miles and hours in the car!  So today we decided to stay near the Hotel and relax.


We slept in and decided that today was a good day to go our for breakfast.  When Michelle was a little girl, she used to go to Sambos, so to Sambos we went!


Breakfast was YUMMY and not expensive.  It’s kind of a Denny’s type place but better food, and cool gift shop.  There used to be Sambos everywhere, but outside of Lincoln City, I haven’t seen one in years!

On the way back it was time to walk OFF the big breakfast.  We parked at the “D” river state park.  Factoid about Lincoln City:  The D river is there worlds shortest river (per Guinness book of world records).  It starts at D Lake and runs 440 ft to the ocean.

From the parking lot we started south toward our hotel.  Once again, the Oregon coast proved to me why I love it.  At the park it starts out as a sandy beach.image

The tide was out and we were able to walk in the hard packed sand to make it easy.  As you can see though, we had to dodge a few streams.  I find straight sand beaches to be boring though.  So I loved it when the coast through in some variety.



Here we had some rocks that had been exposed over time from erosion.  You can see there are some small tide pools, and rivulets of water running through these.  Being the kid at heart I had to walk on the rocks, and then catch up to Michelle.  She was working her Fitbit steps and does NOT slow down!


Soon it got even better!  Just north of out hotel, (we walked the 2 miles from the park to the hotel and back!) we came upon these rocks.


Once again, being me, I had to explore!


Not sure its me?  Here you go!


I wanted to climb to the pointy part, but if you look behind me, all the black you see is Mussels and the white are barnacles.

image  Not my favorite sea creatures, but I am not going to crush them to make it to top.  This is close as I got!


However it was NOT a wasted trip.  Aside the seeing whales, going tide pooling is my favorite way to see animals on the coast.  I REALLY like hermit crabs, but I struck out today.  (I did toss an empty snail-shell into a likely area though.  Maybe one of them will find it and move in!)  I did find star fish and sea anemones though!



You can also count on coast as stormy as ours to toss big stumps or trees into random areas.  I took this picture just because we thought it was cool!


After the walk and exploration we made it back to car to head for the hotel.  Ole Eagle Eye Valente (Michelle) spotted a sign that said “Lincoln Memorial!”  A quick u-turn later and we found it!


The plaque says Lincoln at one time was offered the governor spot of the Oregon Territory, but turned it down.  He is shown here reading a book to honor the way he self-taught himself!  Not sure its Lincoln?  Well here you go!


Kinda creepy, but its Abe!  Sorta reminds me of what the vampire hunter Abe would look like!

The rest of the day was spent reading books and watching the waves.  The perfect relaxation day.  The sun came out, it was about 65, and Tony was happy!  More importantly, today was my wife’s 20 year anniversary at work.  Since that is where we met, fell in love and got married. I am VERY happy to commemorate this day even on vacation!

So is this THE Lincoln Memorial?  Maybe not, but I be fewer people have seen this one than the other, and it just goes to show, Plan C and the Oregon coast is working out better than we coulda hoped!

Even better is the Oregon Pinot Noir I am sipping while writing this!

Thanks for visiting folks!

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