You just never know what you will stumble on! Plan C Continues!

Today was Sunday on the coast.  But then again, it was Sunday everywhere!  Our original vacation itinerary called for us to have picked up a rental car yesterday, wake up at the butt crack of dawn, and drive north from Washington DC to Boston.  I was looking forward to this!

Good thing, after yesterday’s post, that plans changed, otherwise none of yesterday’s excitement would have happened.  Instead we slept in, and awoke to find that the weather had changed a bit.


No worries though, we had scheduled a relax day for today!

As usual, the morning started with a trip to Starbucks.  Whenever we are on vacation, I make a point to scope out the closest one to our hotel.  Michelle tells me every time that this is unnecessary, and that she doesn’t always need her vanilla black ice tea.  Some things, though, a husband must do.  This is one of mine!

When I got back, we decided it would be a great day for Kraft Mac & Cheese for breakfast!  Why? Well first of all it is yummy, and a perfect meal for either breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.  Second, we had all the fixins, and finally because we are adults and we can eat what we want when we want!  It was the perfect hot breakfast on a wet windy day at the coast!

Afterwards, we went back to Starbucks for a round 2.  As a Starbucks club member (Thank you Stacy!) refills are free!  We forgot though, that Sunday is a HUGE travel day on the coast.  People are heading home after a weekend away.  Traffic was heavy and Starbucks busy, but we were in and out pretty quick, and back to our quiet room!

We spent the next few hours, hanging in the room, reading, and watching the waves, as the sun came and went.

One thing I used to love was going to used book stores on the coast.  With the advent of the Kindle, though, I very rarely read “paper” books anymore, which means I don’t go any more.  However, we kept passing the stores in our travels, and I felt myself drawn to them.  Turns out there is one within walking distance of the hotel, so about noon I moseyed to it.


It was one of the ones I’ve always liked.  It was huge, lots of shelves, long hallways, secluded rooms. A giant science fiction section, great science area and a decent outdoor adventure book case.  I didn’t find anything to buy, but I did enjoy roaming the selections and looking at quite a few of the books.

When I got back, Michelle was ready to walk the beach!  She is a Fit Bit person and wants to crush  is in friendly competition with her Fit Bit friends!  Even though it was windy and spittin rain, we headed south for a our walk.   For luck, we had the Coast Guard keeping an eye on us from overhead.


We ended up somewhere neither of us had been before, Siletz Creek.  We looked across the creek and saw a lot of driftwood on the shore.  Then looked again, and saw the driftwood moved!  Instead of wood, this was a beach that seals and sea lions like to hang out on!



They even like to show off a bit for photos in the water!


While we were watching these guys, and dodging rain drops, next thing we knew we were almost buzzed by a bald eagle.  You can always tell them by the huge wing span, plus the flash of white head and tail when the sun hits it.

We see them all the time at home (yep we are spoiled) but what we don’t see is them land on the beach and just hang out!


I think he knew we were supposed to be seeing historical monuments and he decided to do his part for us.

As strolled back, we noticed how much cleaner the beaches here are as opposed to those in Washington.  Even still, we earned some good beach karma by picking up some of the trash we did see.  We were rewarded by the sun coming out long enough for this picture.


Dinner was at MOs seafood, where I had a big sourdough bread bowl of chowder and Michelle had a shrimp Louie.  YUM!!  Turns out the restaurant is right on the shore of Siletz Creek.  We noticed that with the tide in lie it was, there is a good chance we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did earlier.  Once again, timing is everything!

In fact, JUST when we got back to the hotel, the clouds opened up and it was pouring!  We made it in warm and dry!  However, just to show that we in the northwest are NOT deterred by weather that those in other places would hide from, I saw this guy, in the downpour, continue to fly the kite and not be bothered in the least!

imageFolks, the last two days are prime examples of why I like the coast.  I am a nature geek.  I love trees, rocks, and animals of all types.  Millions of americans live where the only place they can see wild animals is in the zoo or an aquarium.  And the only rocks they can climb are in climbing gyms.

I get to go to the beach and experience it all in real life.  This may very well be the best vacation ever, and we have one more full day left!

Thanks for stopping buy y’all!

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