Coming Home from Plan C

Yes folks, the last day dawned this morning, and Michelle and I had to pack up and load the car. We had a log drive ahead of us, so we actually set an alarm for the first time in a week. We were NOT happy when it went off.

First order of business was food. I had had a great french Dip for dinner, but it had worn off over night. Luckily on the way out was a Pig N Pancake! YUM!!! OK, it’s just a much homier version of Dennys. I will say though the staff is MUCH nicer than any Denny’s I’ve ever been too. Amber was a kick, and the 10 silver dollar size pancakes hit the spot.

With that done, we were northbound and down! You might think that the adventures of the week were over, and it was simply a leisurely drive home. Maybe for normal people…

First we musta hit a wormhole.  The first sign said Tillamook 54 miles.  A mile (at least to our perspective) later it said 42 miles!  Yep Wormhole!

There we were, 20 miles south of Tillamook, when we came to a screeching stop. Right in the middle of the freeway were 6 cows! More importantly, they did not appear to want to move! Well hell, what do we do now?

I am a city boy, and know nuthin about herdin no cows! (Even though I read westerns) Michelle on the other hand was raised in a ranching family. She was out of the car in a second and movin those critters to safety! (git along little doggy). I just wished I’d been smart enough to break out the phone to get a picture of her!

We made it to Tillamook without a problem, stopped for gas (Have I mentioned that in Oregon, it is illegal for someone to pump their own gas? No lie.  Annoys me to no end as I could be done SO much quicker.  But it’s yet another way the coast makes me slow down some) We then hit the cheese factory once again restrooms and snack cheese and headed up the road.

We decided to go through Cannon Beach again, as there was a blanket Michelle fell in love with and I told her I’d be happy to get it for her.  Once again, normal people woulda hit the store, bought it and took off (miles too make!)

However, we got to town, and the tide was once again WAY out.  This was the perfect day to check out Haystack.


We would be able to walk right up to it! I of course was wondering if I could climb it, but there were signs and vigilantes I mean volunteers there to prevent just that.  As with many of other seastacks, it’s a breeding ground for birds.


So the top was off-limits to us, DAMN!

However, having never been this close I had no idea there was so much to see from the ground level.  There are other sea stacks very close by


And parts of Haystack I had never seen, like this cave.


Now you KNOW I wanted to explore it, but said volunteers and signs, and well as Michelle being the smart one of the team, helped me decide not too (for now).  I am sparing you even more pictures of tide pools, star fish and other such creatures, but trust me they were there in force! I am looking forward to going back after the STP in July!

OK, now time to hit the store, and hit the road!

There are 4 points you have to worry about going north from Oregon, all are on I-5.  Chehalis/Centralia, Nisqually to Joint Base Lewis McChord, the Tacoma Dome and then Seattle.  Any of these can add HOURS to the drive.  Leaving at noon from Cannon Beach, I felt good about our chances.

Good that is, until we saw the sign “Lewis and Clark Bridge closed, Accident!”  CRAP!  That means we can’t take the short cut back to WA, and have to drive an hour to Portland, deal with Portland traffic, and then head north.  We were screwed!

However, I forgot that the travel gods were in our favor! Either the accident was cleared in time, or the message was old, but the bridge was wide open.  OVER we went and onto I-5 and the 70 MPH zone!  The first three choke points were smooth at silk except for the UW Husky in the Beamer who didn’t want me to merge in front of her so she sped up!  (Look up the joke “What is the difference between a porcupine and a BMW” then multiply by 10 when there is a UW husky behind the wheel!) Trust me though, I DID merge.

Seattle was slow, but not bad, and soon we were home.  Not too long afterwards, Norbert the hummingbird swung by to say welcome home!


Luckily, Michelle has the rest of the week off, so she has volunteered to empty the suitcases and do laundry.  I made the grocery run, got dinner ready, took out the garbage and got the bike ready for the ride to work tomorrow, first ride in over a week!

Folks, I honestly can NOT remember a better vacation than the one I was just on.  It was not what we expected, and it only happened because the love of my life was willing to fly by the seat of her pants with me and come up with a plan C when A and B crashed and burned at the airport a week ago.

So I will leave you with one last picture from Plan C, and remind you, if you ever get a chance to go to  the Oregon coast, by bike, car or motorcycle.  Go!  But plan to give yourself time to sit and enjoy.  If you do, you may see something like this.


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