Book Review: Triking Down the Pacific Coast by Terry Davis

Last week, while on the coast, I decided I really wanted to read something about Oregon, specifically the coast, while I was there.  I guess I figured I was embracing the vacation completely, and wanted it to be in all aspects, even my reading.

I stumbled on this on Amazon, and it was perfect!  It’s a travel journal for his trip from Portland to San Francisco, on a recombinant trike.  I have cycled the Oregon Coast, and I want to do the CA coast to San Francisco.  This book seemed like a winner to help me relive one trip and prep for the next!

Yeah not so much…


I won’t fault the man for his choice of route from Portland to the coast.  In fact I will give him credit.  He flew in from Florida with the trike, got it put together and headed out of down under his own power.  Sadly, for him, he went straight to Tillamook.  He missed some very pretty views in the northern coast.  I think he skipped the cheese factory as well!  A major loss for him!

I think I was hoping for Ooos and Ahhhs about the scenery once he got to the Ocean..  For me that was the very best part of the ride.  I can’t remember one comment about crashing waves, rugged rocks, or very cool wildlife.  It was there to be seen, you can’t miss it even on a trike, but it wasn’t mentioned.

However, every homeless person, less fortunate family or someone below his status was mentioned more than once, as was every meal.  (He went to Subway and Quiznos a lot!)  One of my favorite towns was Port Ordford.  Tiny little place, with a couple a small OLD motels.  He slammed the town, and just wasn’t happy with the accommodations.  It was cheap, clean and had a bed, all any cyclist needed.

He also skipped a restaurant that seemed “too expensive”. The  man missed out!  The Italian place there was the best meal I and had the friendliest people I met on the entire trip!  He did mention 3 or 4 people who were drinking beer or hungover in the morning though….

He did get one thing right.  The Coos Bay Bridge is scary bad!  It’s the one place I almost bit it by getting to close to the edge of the side-walk while looking at the view.  I almost fell into traffic, but those cat-like reflexes kicked in!  Be careful if you go there.

He told me even less when he hit California!  He mentioned the redwoods, but hell I can’t tell you if he ever saw the ocean once he hit CA.  He talked about the hills, campgrounds and hot and cold weather, but I want to know what he saw!

His highlight was staying at a Zen Temple in northern CA and meditating for 3 days.  To each his own, I won’t fault him for this.  But after he left, it seemed he was bored with the book.  Next thing I knew, he was in San Francisco and done???

Plus, at least in the Kindle edition, there wasn’t one picture.  Those of you who read my blog last week saw how many I took (and I didn’t share them all) a few in the book would have been nice.

I feel bad ripping on the book.  He has ridden farther than I have on the coast, and done something with it I am not sure I could ever do: wrote and published a book.  I just went in with high expectations and hopes, and didn’t get it.

Don’t read this to get yourself psyched to ride the coast.  You will decide to go to the grocery store instead.  I gave it 3 stars on Amazon, only because it kept me interested enough to finish it, but I think I was being generous.

I would like to try the 3 wheel trike for fun, but I gotta tell ya, for trips on sometimes busy roads, I will stick with 2 wheels!

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      1. I was totally confused by the California part, why did the author include that? Oh, I know, it’s because he didn’t do a thorough job in Oregon so he had to write something else. And why write about what he didn’t like? There’s enough negativity in the world already. Write about what you love and enjoy!

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