Make it work people!

Ever watch a movie enough times that you know all the lines? Even better, You’ve watched it enough that you look for opportunities to use said lines in real life? I still use “Crash and Burn” from Top Gun whenever possible, and, maybe not out loud, but in my head I have said more than one “Let’s show this prehistoric bitch how we do things down town!” (Ghostbusters) Even “Let’s Kick this Pig!” comes from a stupid movie called Down Periscope.

The reason I bring this up though, is I was able to apply a line from Silverado last night, “The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations.” This allowed me to get a ride in last night AND today!

May is bike to work month here in Seattle and nationwide! At my compnay, the Mighty P, I am the captain of our commuting team “We are a Lot Like You, Bike Commuters.” We have 11 riders this year, over double what we had last year, and as off today we have logged over 1000 miles! (Well surpassing last year!)

bike rack

With my much-needed and MUCH appreciated vacation week with Michelle, I was not able to add to the total miles for 25% of the month. My plan is to maximize the trips I take for the remainder of the month.

Once again, the PLAN C trip came in handy for this. Our original flight home was scheduled to land in Seattle at 10 PM. With getting the luggage, then getting to the car, then the drive home, it would have been midnight. Waking up at 430 for the ride to work on Monday woulda SUCKED!

With Plan C, we were home at 4:15. I had time to hit the grocery store, prep the bike, and get to bed early! Wednesday was a round trip day to and from work! OK back on track!

Well kinda. I hadn’t seen the Manchild since we went on vacation. We had scheduled yesterday (Thursday) for my dinner and hanging out after evening with him. This meant I needed my car at work. He lives just far enough away that biking there isn’t an option AND he doesn’t want to ride on the handlebars to get to the restaurant! Add to it, Friday, I would be going down to get him and bring him back to the house for the weekend. Again, necessitating the car.

He is MUCH more important than riding, but after eating a LOT last week, and not getting my miles for commute months, I wanted to ride! Well, time to pull a Kobayashi Maru (sorry blatant Star Trek geek reference.) In essence, it means I needed to change the parameters to allow me to do both, ride and see the kid!

Then it hit me. Its summerish (though it is raining hard now) which means it stays light longer. PLUS, I’ve ridden in the dark before (every time I ride to work!) This means I could ride home from work after seeing the kid! PERFECT!

I threw the bike on the back of the green station wagon and drove to work. Afterwards, I saw the kid, then came back, changed, and saddled up. The car was safe in the garage overnight.  I was on the rode about 8 PM.

It was the PERFECT evening for a ride! Mid 60s, no wind, no bugs, very few people on the trail, I loved it. It was a shirt sleeve ride, the mountains were out and the lake was calm. I got home just as the street lights started to turn on in my town (felt like a kid again). There was just enough time to get the bike ready for the next day and then hop in bed.

Cuz you see, the additional plus to this plan is that I did NOT have a car at home! I had no choice but to get up early and bike BACK in the morning. That’s exactly what I did. I was on the road at 5, and it was again a great riding morning. Warm enough that all I needed was a light windbreaker, there was no wind and the expected rain held off JUST long enough for me to get to work.

This gave me 3 days of riding and 4 trips. Only 68 miles total, but the legs feel good and I am happy I got back in the saddle! Finding time to work out aint always easy, but with a little thought and changing the rules, it can almost always be done!

Like the wind folks!

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