It will be an ibuprofen morning!

Folks, I am honestly not brown-nosing when I tell you my wife Michelle doesn’t ask for much. It’s one of the many things I love about her.  If she wants something she will generally just buy the thing herself or do it before I get home.  That is one independent lady, and I like that.

So when she does ask for something I do my best to make it happen!  So, when she said “Can we have one day of the three-day weekend be a yard day?” I agreed completely! 

It was a good idea, as the Manchild is up with us as well, and the 16 year old muscles would come in handy! He and I went to Godzilla 2014 last night (Highly recommend it, by the way!) and I let him know afterwards I’d be asking for his help.  I won’t say he was excited (really is ANYONE exited to do yard work? (Neither Michelle or I were!)) but he agreed right away to pitch in!

The first thing we needed to do was weed and spread some bark.  We have a front area that we’ve lost control of.


I broke out the weed burner!  It worked wonders on the patio before we went to the Ocean!


It did a great job here as well.  Since I was burning weeds on bark, and not stone, I made sure to keep a bucket of water close.  Once that was done it was time to wait for the dump  truck to show up.

I had called last week and ordered 2 yards of bark.  I will go on record right now and say I thought we’d be getting a giant mountain of stuff to spread here and other places….  I learned that I have NO idea how much a yard of something is…  The pile was tiny!

It was, however, enough for Manchild and I to recover this whole section!  It looks much better now.


OK that was the first task.  Meanwhile Michelle had ordered a raised garden kit from Amazon, and she got it put together.  image

It did not come with the dirt though, and I do not own a pick up.  We tried to rent a U-Haul van real quick (as I still needed more bark for other areas as well, but we were out of luck.  Then Michelle remembered, “HEY, Home Depot has a truck!”  We were off!

To things about the Home Depot truck.  First, you get 75 minutes for $17.95.  EASY, we live 10 minutes away, which leaves plenty of time.  Next it is first come first serve!  We went straight to the customer service line, and when we were just finishing the paperwork, someone else came up to ask for the truck.  WHEW!  We got lucky!

So, 10 bags of dirt and 12 bags of bark later, we were back at the house.  Manchild and I got it unloaded, and we dropped off the truck within the hour!

While he and Michelle put the finishing touches on the beds, I fine tuned the bark and cleaned up the driveway some.  Next was killing more weeds and Sage plant in the middle garden, and then edge the area.  Wow, that took some labor, Michelle and I busted our butts on the that one, but we cleared it out!

Then it as time to reward the Manchild for his hard work.  Nuthin make a 16 year old happier than playing with fire!


Yes he had fun! Once done, I planted five plants, and then used the rest of the bark.  I would dump the bags and Michelle would spread it out.  We will need to get a few more bags next week, but it looks MUCH better!

imageAll that was left was clean up and FINALLY planting Norberts favorite flowers.

imageThey’ve been in the pots from the store for weeks!

Manchild crashed out on the couch, so Michelle and I went to Diamond Know brewery for a Carnivore Calzone for me and fish tacos for her!  DAMN good!

All in all a very productive day.  Next time I’ll order 5 yards of bark, but otherwise it all went off without a hitch!

Tomorrow is errands and recovery (ibuprofen all around!) then Monday I will crank out 40 miles or so.  Today, though, all I have to do is look out the window and see all we did, and look at Michelle to see how happy she is!  Job well done!

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