Recon Mission

Well y’all, it is time to get serious.  I have less than 2 months until the Seattle to Portland double century.  It’s coming closer faster than I expected.  As usual though, I really just don’t think I’ve cranked out enough miles to get ready for it.  So it was time today to take some steps to add to the miles.

Next Saturday is my second century of the month (and of the year for that matter.)  It’s the Flying Wheels Summer Century.  This is a butt kicker with plenty of hills, and is advertised by the Cascade Bike Club as a test for those that want to ride the one day STP.

I need as many miles as possible before July, so my thought was to see how hard it was to use the Burke Gilman Trail to ride to the starting line and back!  Today, after a recovery day from yard work yesterday, was a great day to try it out.  Michelle had made plans with two friends, Sue and Sandy, for a long walk along the same trail.

I got up this morning, fully expecting it to be raining all day long.  Shoot its Memorial Day in Seattle, one of the rainiest days of the year on average.  Michelle was sure her friends would NOT be there if it rained (since they both said they didn’t want to walk in the rain.) When I looked outside, it was cloudy, and looked like it was threatening to rain, but for the moment, it was dry.

I made the Starbucks run, got home, and loaded the bike on the car. As I got ready to go, Michelle texted to tell me Sandy was going to walk with her.  GOOD!  We were both going to get the work out we planned for.

I hit the trail and, sadly, I hit a head wind that I had to fight it the entire way.  The good news, though, was that the trail was relatively empty at 7:30 AM.  No people, no other cars, but a lot of birds, including a bald eagle flying around.

Strangely though, as the ride progressed, instead of raining, the weather started getting nicer.

imageThe clouds were clearing and the sun was trying to come out.  The head wind didn’t stop though.

Meanwhile, I was getting closer to Marymoor Park, the starting line of the ride.  Luckily, since I had no idea how to get there, there were plenty of road signs pointing me in the correct direction.   I made it tothe location of the starting line and it’s just under 15 miles.

PERFECT!  The trail is flat and easy to ride on.  The 15 miles will get the legs warm, and ready for the route.  Afterwards, I can hit the post ride festivities, get my traditional celebratory hotdog, and then cycle back to the car. This will give me close to 13o miles!  Perfect!

The ride back was great.  It was getting warmer, AND I had a tailwind!  I was flying down the trail.

At one point though, a HERD of runners came onto the trail all at once, I think it was a cross fit class.  They took over the entire trail, and refused to move to the right.  So I decided to fight rude with rude and skim right by them, damn near close enough to knock them over.  I got some rude comments and simply told them “Then move your ass over!” Not the first time I’ve met rude runners.

About a mile from the car I looked ahead and saw a couple of ladies walking, one had a GORGEOUS pair of legs.

I caught up to them, and started ringing my bell trying to get her attention from behind.  Finally legs said annoyingly (and to tell the truth I was trying to be annoying, “Thank you!” To which I replied chipperly, “You are welcome!” as I stopped right next to Michelle and Sandy!

Surprised them I did!  She called me a pain in the ass and then I got a kiss from her and a hug from Sandy!  I went on to finish the ride, then rode back to finish the walk with them back to Starbucks.

All in all a great ride, I have the plan set up for next week, and I may have discovered a new loop route of a ride in the future.  Now let’s hope we can get these legs ready to go!

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