Passing on a request from a friend!

Folks, I’ve heard some say you don’t make real friends on Facebook.  I call BS on that, as I have done just that many time!  Once such person is my buddy Joe Kurmaskie (who is also one helluva a cycling author check out his Metal Cowboy page).  Joe has made a self admitted shameless plug for unused or unneeded airline vouchers/miles.


I have seen this man, time and time again, give his time, energy and money to others in need. Plus, his 4 kids are the luckiest boys to have this man as a dad.  Between him and his wife Beth who teaches at an inner city Portland school, these two are truly amazing people.  So please read his heartfelt and truly entertaining request below!  If you can help, give him a shout!  (I want to be clear here, he did NOT ask for me to use the blog to help, I am doing so because I think he in an incredible human being, and his books have given me hours of pleasure!)

The Metal Cowboy’s Shameless Plea For Unused Airline Vouchers/mileage: (long but lively)

Let’s Help Send Little Joey Kurmaskie On A Last Minute European Cycling Adventure Camp!

Big PR Firm invited Little Joey to join on decadent bicycling adventures across Italy and France in June.

Joey tells travel stories in magazines, books and social media. Some are even true. The catch, Joey has to get himself over and back and high season flights to Paris or Milan equal a semester of college tuition for one of Joey’s littler Joeys.

It’s too late to get media contacts to pony up and publishing being what it is these days good luck getting reimbursed. Beth says she will hate Joey for doing this, but if she were in his place that rush of wind would be her exiting the building. So the pope of Lexington St. has blessed the junket, but how to do it without robbing from my children’s college funds?

Take this short survey to see if you should be donating unused and/or travel mileage/vouchers, soon to expire miles etc.

Have You:

1. Watched II Postino repeatedly and understand that, like the son of a poor fisherman learning to deliver mail by bicycle and receiving lessons in the art of living from exiled poet Pablo Neruda, you’d like something along these lines to happen for Little Joey on his bike ride? Except for the part where he… wait, I almost ruined the ending…

2. Watched Breaking Away repeatedly and sympathize with Dave when those professional Italian cyclists come to Bloomington, Dave is thrilled to be competing with them. However, the Italians become irked when Dave is able to keep up with and even speak to them in Italian during training. One of them jams a tire pump in Dave’s wheel, causing him to crash, which leaves him disillusioned and depressed. Would you like it if Little Joey could, all these years later, make peace on Dave’s behalf or failing that, act as the instrument of his revenge?

3. Dreamed of visiting the castles of France by bicycle, exploring the hilltop communities of Italy on two wheels perhaps while singing snippets of the opera PAGLIACCI (which little Joey was in a production of many, many years ago) all while a high end bicycle touring company carries your gear, essentially giving you a modern day squire, feeds you like a tribute in The Hunger Games and rubs your aching muscles ala Apollo Creed? Little Joey will offer a full report on these activities. You should think of him as your avatar and scouting crew.

Q Is this a charitable donation? A: Little Joey is a work at home father of four sons. Your donation is the parent rejuvenation equivalent of Make A Wish or Mercy Core.
Q But Are You a registered Charity? A. Not that I’m aware of, but possibly in Texas where a man can still live free of most regulations, qualifiers and safety stipulations.
Q Would you bring me back something? A. Sure, would you prefer a Fresco or a Gellato?
Q Aren’t you big time now what with them optioning your books to Hollywood and all? A: I refer you to the films The Player and Steve Martin’s excellent comedy Bowfinger as reference material. Until my movie, series, action figures etc. go into production, I remain a working stiff dreaming of a few weeks away from the world of smelly, loud, lovable sons.

Are you:

1. An airline employee with a heart of gold?
2. Married to an airline employee with or without a heart of gold who leaves vouchers around like others spare change?
3. Oprah or Kanye West or Peter Gabriel? If so I’m thrilled that you have finally accepted my friend request… and lifted all restraining orders.
4.Currently sleeping with a pilot who would like to keep those layovers a secret?
4. An executive still Up In the Air because the company has not heard of the invention of Facetime or Skype?
5. Aware that Little Joey paid it forward last year with two about expire travel vouchers so that students could go to field trips to Washington DC and music camp? Just saying…
All fun and games aside, if you have miles or vouchers from Portland To NYC, Portland to Europe, NYC to Europe… I’m dying here, the clock is ticking and I’m so damn close to all that Tuscany sunshine. Let me taste a real tomato again and fresh cheeses of whose names I can’t pronounce. FB me, message me and/or email me at

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