The Bike Makes it all OK

Ever hear the old saying, “Doctors make the worst patients?”  Personally, I have always wondered whether this was coined by nurses who got stuck having to take the vitals of someone who “could do it him or herself!”

Well I think I can also coin a different phrase: “Trainers make the worst students!”  Or maybe its just me…

Now I want to clarify what I mean.  I do NOT disrupt class, or make things rough on the facilitator.  I participate fully, and at times drive the conversation pieces when I can tell she wants more out of us.  As far as the trainer is concerned, I am an asset (and yes I have been told this specifically by them more than once at the end of class) to have in the classroom.

So what is the problem then?  It’s this:  I HATE being cooped up and sitting in a room all day long!  Worse yet, this week, it’s a three-day class!  Even worser (yes I know this is not a word) the class goes to 5 PM!  Those who work with me know I get grouchy after 4.

Now this is an important class to my company, and it is a good course to have under my belt once I am certified.  The 3 other people in the class are actually making the discussions interesting, and the trainer herself is very nice.

By 4:10 though, I was getting antsy.  I wasn’t able to take the lunchtime walk and the legs just wanted to move.  Funny thing though, I wasn’t grouchy like I expect.  Tired yes, ready to go, without a doubt, but I really wasn’t grouchy.  It didn’t take me long to figure out why.


In past years, being stuck at work would me I’d have to drive home.  Traffic in Seattle sucksbutt sometimes, and it almost always does around 5PM.  This would mean I would spend the day trapped in a class, and then up to another hour inching home.

Nowadays, I don’t have this problem!  Yes I did have an hour commute ahead of me.  But it wasn’t in the car!  We were released at 4:50 and I was changed and saddling up at 5:02.  Just getting into the fresh air made me smile.  As soon as I pulled out, it started to drizzle, but looking at the sky I made the call it was just a quick squall, no need for gortex.

I was right!  10 minutes down the road, the rain stopped.  It was about 60 degrees out and  a decent tailwind blowing.  Perfect windbreaker weather.  I made great time.  Instead of dwelling on the day, or bitching about traffic, I was smiling and releasing all the energy that pent-up over the day.  It was a great strong ride, and but the time I got home I had no stress at all.

Now I won’t say I will now volunteer to work until 5 every day.  That just seems wrong.  And as much as I enjoy teaching classes, being in one all day (let alone 3) is not easy on me.  Once again though, having the bike take me home, feeling the wind in the face, hearing the birds, seeing the lake and the mountains, just makes everything better…even work.

Folks, even if you aren’t into bike to work month, try it just once.  You might like it enough to keep it up, and then you can tell me how it helped you after a hard day at work.

Like the wind folks!

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