Funny how stories will just pop into your head.  I was sitting here, watching a show on Netflix.  Michelle is asleep, Manchild is back at home with his mom, and after one helluva busy Sunday (yeah “day of rest” my ass!) this was my first time to sit.

I was watching a western when the voice of The Mudsucker (my buddy Scott) saying “LET’S GO!!” Popped into my head.  I will tell you, I almost stood up and headed for the door!  Continue reading “LET’S GO!!!”

A Cycling Good Deed

As planned, today was the last ‘real’ riding day before the Seattle to Portland.  I got up  early, made some farm fresh scrambled eggs (DAMN they were good) and I was ready to go about 7AM.

It was a bit of a struggle getting outside.  I really wanted to just hang around the house.  But finally I got my butt in gear and headed out for my 40 mile training route through Everett and Woodinville.  Who knew I’d be helping a buncha riders find the right route? Continue reading “A Cycling Good Deed”

The Mountainstroh Culture

This week the Manchild started his summer college course, Communications 101.  I was bummed on Monday.  I wanted him to have an instructor lead course, and get the ‘feel’ of a going to college.  However, he received an email Monday explaining that his class had been converted to an online course.  CRAP!  However, the  best news of the week is that he scored 88% on his first test.  Great job pal!

I was more interested in his  discussion board question of the week.  It asked, what do you carry with you that helps define you and makes you a part of a certain culture.  Being the kid he is, he came up with his Kindle fire.  Making him part of the internet connected teenage culture.  I started thinking of all the components that define me. Continue reading “The Mountainstroh Culture”

Hardest part of my training

OK Here we go.  Now that I have learned to read a calendar, I now know that the Seattle to Portland is actually NOW two weeks from tomorrow!  I’ve been saying it was a  “coupla weeks away” for the last month now.

Every week and weekend up and until now was geared around getting as many miles as possible.  Cuz as we know, the best way to train for a long ride is to ride! Now though, I enter the most difficult part (for me) of training… Continue reading “Hardest part of my training”

What makes a book one of the best

My wife will tell you that when I am not riding or getting things done around the house, or riding herd on the cats of the Manchild, chances are I am reading a book.  I am not the kinda person who can just sit, either my mind or the body (or both if I am stuck in the gym working out instead of outside) has to be occupied.

With the advent of the Kindle, I carry multiple books with me at all times, and I read for 2 or three minutes if I am in line at Starbucks or Safeway, it makes the wait seem shorter.

Yesterday I read a post by a blogger name Lynnette that made me start pondering what makes a book one of the best (in my mind that is…) Continue reading “What makes a book one of the best”

Rain’s a Comin!

I’ve said it many times in the past, you just NEVER know when or where you will get your inspiration for a blog post.  Sometimes its a conversation, sometimes its a special request from someone important, and sometimes it comes from Facebook.

I have a cousin somewhere back east, he is the exact opposite of me as far as politics go (and I gotta tell ya, I am pretty open-minded, you gotta work HARD to disagree with everything I believe.)  But I figure I am required to keep a certain amount of distant relatives on the friend list, so I keep him. (As annoying as he can be)

If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be thinking back to my high school days… Continue reading “Rain’s a Comin!”

The Day AFTER a big ride

So as anyone who read yesterday’s post knows, I rode a century yesterday that honestly kicked my butt a little and did in fact draw blood.  OK, the blood was from the finger, but it drew it none the less.

A smarter man woulda left the bike at home today.  However, this is one of the weeks I can only ride home 3 days.  Next week, I am working at the office that is only 5 miles away, and the following week I am resting the legs to get ready for the big ride.  I still feel the need for more miles before the STP.  That meant today I rode…. Continue reading “The Day AFTER a big ride”