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I just spent the last half hour scrolling through 3000 pictures (20 at a time) looking for my ugly mug traveling along the Flying Wheels Summer Century.  I very much appreciate it when the ride organizers post photographers along the way to catch our candid shots.

In this case, there was only one guy, sitting at the top of the first hill, but he made sure to get as many people as possible.  This is one of those rare times I actually looked ok in the photos.


This was climbing the first steep hill, and I remember being happy that my legs were feeling strong, and I was climbing steady.  I never actually saw the photographer, I was focusing on the top.

Over the years, I have purchased quite a few photos to commemorate the events I have done.  It’s always fun to see my face, and wonder what was going on in my head at the time.


This one is easy, at the end of the half marathon I just wanted to STOP MOVING…  I am also sure I was telling myself at this very moment that I would NEVER even consider a full marathon.

sound to narrows

This is the classic, “OK we run for fun?  No one seems to be smiling here!”

big climb

This is “I just paid $50 to walk up a VERY smelly stairwell!  That was stupid!”  Yeah but I ended up doing it 2 more time!


Yep the most scenic of all the shots, but DAMN that man looks tired.  I honestly believe that right around here was the point where I was considering taking the SAG van back to the parking lot and having a cold beer.  I didn’t, but I was thinking it…


I think of them all, this is my favorite.  Diet Mountain Dew, big smile, relaxed this man is done!  I think the brain was empty here.  OK not technically along the route, but still done by the photographer.

There are many more, but I won’t bore you anymore with them.  I refuse to buy every picture that is taken, shoot, Marathonfoto.com. the main group that does it, simply charges too much for downloads.

However, those that do bring back memories.  Days of busting my ass, giving my all, seeing if could accomplish what I set out to do that year.  In each of the photos I shared, I did succeed.

So if you do an event, check for the photos.  It can be tedious looking through them all, but that one picture can help you remember an event for the rest of your life.

Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!
Holding the bronze medal after the High Pass Challenge!

If you find a good one of you, buy it!  Don’t hesitate, you will not be disappointed, and you will have a blast showing it around.

I’ll see if I get a good one on the STP!

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