Brain Fried!

Ladies and gents, pure and simple, it was a LONG week. I was sitting there this afternoon in class, with 2 students to teach, and I felt like I was on the last long uphill of a century ride (100 miles) about a mile from the finish.  I was flat out of gas…

A little background for the week.  This was week one of a 4 week class.  We have a couple of Customer Service reps (damn good ones) who were promoted to the claims department.  My mission, should I choose to accept it (and I did) is get them ready for the new  job!

Question for all of you out there reading:  How many of you HATE boring classes and boring teachers?  (show of hands please.)  (Let’s see, 1, 4, 10, yep thats everyone!) I HATE a boring class.  I either get in trouble, take a nap, sneak out  or have a lot of wine afterwards.  (sometimes all of the above!)

As a training cowboy (yep called myself that today in a meeting, it surprised some, but others understood (more about the meeting later)) I pride myself in NOT having boring classes.  I am upbeat, energetic, engaging and make sure everyone participates.  (at least that’s what I get on my evaluations at the end of my classes).  Lord let me tell you this takes work.

By the end of each day, I am beat.  The bike ride home wakes me up enough to get things done when I get home.  But I am ready for bed soon after.

The class by itself woulda been enough.  In fact, at the Holy P, I worked with one person who swore there was NOTHING else she could work on or complete when she was teaching.  (Snarky Tony would say there was very little she completed when she wasn’t training, but that would be snarky.) Being me, I had to show her up and not only teach, BETTER than she ever could, but also get the other daily projects done as well at lunch or while the class was working on exercises.

Why do I bring this up?  Because, it got me ready for this week.  In addition to the class, I have to revamp 12 documents for that meeting that happened today.  This meant every time I assigned my trainees something, I had to shift gears, and figure out why the document was wrong, then work the process to fix it.  ALL before they got done and it was time to answer questions!

I got the last one done yesterday.  WHEW!! Time for Friday and to just work with the class! Then my boss found me and asked “Any chance you could be in part of the meeting today?”  (In theory I am the resident expert on the subject matter, and she thought I might help move the process along.)

“SURE!” says I, “No problem!”  And I was.  It was a remote meeting, so I signed in, I was able to work with students AND attend the meeting.  Luckily the subject matter was similar for both, but it was still a stretch.

The participants ended the week ahead of schedule and happy.  I helped move past one log jam in the meeting and was able to leave it in the hands of my co-workers.  A double win for the day!

I very much believe one of the reasons my boss brought be back to the mighty P was because of weeks like these.  She knows she can ask, and I will get it done.  And get it done well.  Unlike the crazy one-eyed boss at the holy P, she also shows that she appreciates the effort as well.

I don’t have that coworker who used teaching as an excuse anymore (and I annoyed her every time I was done and she wasn’t), but as the week went on, it still made me smile to know there’s no way she coulda done it!

But, as I sit here Friday night, I gotta say, DAMN I am tired, and I am glad I can sleep in tomorrow!


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