We all do Stupid things!

Yesterday I wrote a post about my displeasure with Cascade Bike club and the organized ride they held on Burke Gilman trail on Sunday.  I tweeted a link to the post to them with a short note, but at the time of this writing I haven’t heard back from them.

This really doesn’t make me happy, but that is NOT the reason for this post (maybe another day though!)  Today I was thinking about the stupid things I’ve done in my time.  Shoot we all have one time or another.  I tried to think of the stupidest thing I’d ever done, and suddenly this story popped into my head.

It was Halloween of 1989 I believe.  Now as a rule I do NOT dress up for Halloween.  I figure it’s for kids.  However, this time, my buddy Dave was having a party and everyone I knew was dressing up.  (Yes I am one of those who would jump off a bridge if everyone else did, thing is though, I’d probably be the first one to jump!)

Well my fall back for the few times I have dressed up was, (and I know this is shocking for those of you who know me in person) a cowboy!

I had the boots, a hat, checkered shirt, jeans (Levi’s of course) and a Strohs bandana.  Add a Red Ryder pop gun and an eye patch and you get, well this


And if you look closely behind me, yep a sheep skin coat.  (Damn I loved that coat, wonder where it ended up going…)

You may be sitting there thinking “YEP, I can see how being dressed up like that and going out in public would be VERY stupid.”  Well, have a seat, this is just the beginning…

You see, in this picture I also have a toy six-gun.  Cuz all cowboys are ready for anything!  But I remember thinking, “Wow this looks silly”  (yeah the toy gun was the one thing wrong with this.)  But then it hit me!  I had my dads replica black powder pistols!!

At the time, my dad was working in Korea.  So I had his black powder rifle and pistols with me.  They weren’t allowed in Korea.  Perfect!  Real 6 guns!  So I took one, stuffed it in my waist band and went to look in the mirror in the bedroom.  PERFECT! Thought !.

So I cocked the toy rifle and held it in my left hand (John Wayne woulda been proud thought I!) and stared down the ugly mug in the mirror staring right back at me.  “Glad I don’t look as dumb as he does!” I thought.  Then when reflection me least expected it, I shouted, “DRAW!”

I pulled the gun out faster than Clint Eastwood in Josey Wales, and pulled both triggers at the same time!

It’s funny how I can remember after all this time the exact chain of events that happened next. 

First, I was surprised how loud the pop gun was, it was never that loud before, I thought maybe I had pulled the trigger too hard and broken it.  So I was staring at it trying to figure out what happened.

Then I noticed there was a bunch of smoke in the room.  This made no sense at all to me.  Why would there be smoke?  What happened?

I would like to take this pause to reassure the reader that at this time I had not had a drop to drink… YET.

I then happened to look at the mirror, and there right between the eyes of reflection cowboy was a neat little hole…..

Only at that point did I look at the pistol to see smoke curling up from the barrel.  I put it carefully but quickly down on the bed and backed away….

THEN I went for a beer!!

Yep, without telling me, one day my dad loaded one of the pistols.  Prior to my quick draw exhibition I had been twirling it like the cowboys on TV.  Yeah, I had forgotten the cardinal rule:  All guns are loaded unless you’ve unloaded them yourself…

I was lucky in two ways.  The first was I was working for a mini storage company at the time, and they game me an apartment.  This meant I was MILES from the nearest neighbors.  No one but me was in danger.

The second is that I did the quick draw at home and not at the party….

Yep I went to the party, and had enough beer to calm the shakes.  Thinking about it, I think this was the last time I fired a gun.  I will say though, the few times I’ve held a gun since, I have been VERY careful.

So there you go, I figured if I was going to call and organization stupid yesterday, it’s only fair that I cast the first stone at myself.  I do though, take some pride in the fact that had this been a real gun fight, I hit right where I aimed!

Thanks for reading!

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