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Every now and then I take a bit and sit back and ponder why I continue to do the 15,000 mile blog.  I started this game, with the help of (ok a big push from)  of Michelle about 18 months ago.  I’ve said before I wasn’t sure how often or how long I would continue.

Here it is now, over 500 posts later and I am still going…

I can’t say being a daily blogger is always easy.  Finding the hour or so it takes, to write, proofread (yes I really do try even though I know there are typos I miss) and schedule the post for publishing can be challenging.  There is the time needed to ride, work around the house, sleep, eat, and  be at work that gets in the way.  Then there are things that are more important than the blog: Time with Michelle and the Manchild.  I won’t skimp on either of these just to do a post.  This means that normally, the blog is one of the last things I do in the day before bed.

Harder yet, is coming up with a subject for the blog.  My rule is pretty easy on this.  It has to be something I want to write about.  And by want, I mean something that flows and the words just start appearing on the screen.

Frequently I will start a post, and find myself struggling to get the words out.  After two or three paragraphs of this, I generally delete the damn thing.  If it feels like work to get it out there, then obviously (at least to me) it wasn’t meant to be.  This is supposed to be a fun for me, as well as those that read it.  If I am struggling to get on paper, then why would anyone want to read it?

This leads me to the more important question, WHY do I keep doing it.

First off it’s because I enjoy it.  I don’t post daily because I think I have to, or that I think people will miss the post if I don’t.  Shoot there at days I have barely have double-digit views on  I do it because the day just doesn’t seem complete when I don’t.  There is just something missing when I haven’t written one.

This is a good thing, because it tells me that I am doing this for me, and it is not a chore.  It’s almost a reward for completing my chores.  It’s a way to relax that feels more productive than watching TV or Netflix.

More importantly though, I do it because I like telling stories, and, evidently, I do it well enough for friends, family and followers to read on a regular basis.  I don’t expect everyone to read every post.  But there are some out there that do (THANKS MOM!).  Since I was a kid I thought about writing a book, but I know I am not that disciplined.  15,000 miles satisfies my creative juices, and gives me an outlet for my thoughts.

Finally, as silly as it sounds, I still get a kick when someone likes a post, comments on one, or better yet, I get a new follower (0ver 300 to date).  I have also made Blog friends as well.  Echo, Megan, Tiare, Baz and too many others to list here.  We share thoughts, comments, stories and encouragement for each other, not to mention embarrassments, ailments and stupid pet tricks.

I am always surprised when I see 300+ people listed as followers.  I am sure some are robots or just trying to drum up business, but many are “real” people who interact and have great insight (or even better, hilarious comments!)

More and more frequently, the well runs dry, and I have to skip a day, I simply have no idea what to write.  I knew that would happen eventually.  But as long as it stays fun, doesn’t feel like work, and people keep visiting, I’ll keep posting!

Thanks yall!  I appreciate every time y’all stop by!

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  1. same here 🙂 I used to blog more. Nowadays I make 2 or 3 posts a month. That’s fine with me though! (heck, where do people take the time to post on a daily, weekly basis?)

  2. Keep it up Tony. It’s been fun to watch and read as you grow in this world. And, I’ve learned some things I never knew about you!

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