4 Years Later

I knew it was coming up soon, I just didn’t know exactly when.  But yep today was the start of the World Cup for soccer.  (I know, the rest of the world calls it football, but as a Seahawk fan I just can’t bring myself to cal it that.)

The World Cup, much like the Olympics, happens every 4 years.  The last time it was on, fresh out of South Africa, I was spending the day watching Netflix and surfing the web looking for work (after having been laid off at the Mighty P).  When I saw it started today, I starting thinking about all that is different since the last World Cup..

First off, at the last one in 2010, Michelle and I were officially Newlyweds!  We had gotten married 2 month before the first match of the tournament.  (Now we just still act like newlyweds ).  We had also just gotten back from Disneyland, having had a great time with Mickey and his friends.

4 years ago, the math major was ending his Junior year in high school, having turned around a sub par year his sophomore year.  Much to my pain and annoyance, he was actually considering going to UW at this time. (I like to think it was some bacteria he picked up in biology that messed up his brain!) Luckily, it wasn’t long after he went to Western Washington, fell in love with it and went there instead! WHEW!

This year, he is about to start his Sr year, and just landed a gig as an undergrad research assistant next year!  Wow I am almost the dad of a College grad.

Manchild was just finishing his first year of middle school (6th grade!) Now THAT seems like a LONG time ago!  Now he is almost done with his sophomore year of high school and has passed all the needed tests to allow him to go into the Running Start program next year.  He will be attending Highline Comm College and could end up with an AA AND a HS diploma at the same time!  In fact, he is taking one class this summer.

Damn proud of both of them.

Michelle is as beautiful now as she was the day we got married.



Even better, she is healthier.  She took an active role in treating her autoimmune diagnosis and has used exercise and better eating to help knock it down to manageable levels!  She and her best friend will be walk running a halfathon in October.  I will be at the finish line waiting!

Well then there’s me.  Older now, not all that wiser, and still kinda funny looking!  Back at the mighty P after a stint with a crazy one-eyed boss at the holy P.  (Much happier here!)  Still very happy to be married to my bride.

Four years ago, I was nowhere near eve 10,000 miles let alone 16000.  I had done a lot of riding, but nothing like I do now.  I hadn’t yet completed the STP in a day, or the High Pass challenge.  I had never heard of Game of Thrones, and I think Walking Dead started later that year.  Michelle and I hadn’t made our trip to Keywest


Been to Walla Walla, or even the Oregon coast together yet. She and I have done a LOT of stuff since the last 4 years!  Wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

Four years ago, The Mudsucker wasn’t a grandpa, Jim Devitt had only one kidlet, lived in Seattle and hadn’t yet written his first best seller The Card,  (Great book by the way) Dave was still an adjuster and his lovely wife was riding herd on the two sets of twins.  And 4 years ago, I had not gotten back in touch with the Immortal One and Jenna!


Back then, I am not sure I had even READ a blog, let alone been writing one for 18  months.

Finally 4 years ago, Seattle was not the home to the Superbowl Champions!

Yep, the last 4 years have NOT been boring.  Next time this comes around, I will be in my mid 50s, and might look like this guyimage


But I know the next 4 years will be FAR from boring!


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  1. This is a great perspective, looking back and looking forward: there is more to do. My husband and I finally found another place to live and moved this month; I haven’t been able to write for my blog for a long time due to the turmoil of searching and then moving. This post of yours and the previous one about why you write your blog, have given me perspective, too, and I hope to get started again on my blog again with renewed direction.

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