One month and counting….

OK boys and girls, crunch time!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast a year can go!  Seems like not that long ago I was posting that I had decided to make the one day Seattle to Portland my big ride of the year.

Then there was the post when I actually signed up for it back in January.  Suddenly, I look at the calendar and there are only 30 days left before the ride!

Now is when the training rides have to start being strategic.  Too much and I am too tired to ride the big one.  Not enough and I run out of gas half way there.

Two weekends ago I did 128 miles.  98 of them were hard, full of hills, and great for building the left muscles.  The other 30 were along the trail to and from the ride.  I eased it back and just let the legs pick how fast to go.

I jumped right back into the bike commute the week following.  I had no issues completing the rides, but I was noticing the legs were NOT recovering the way I wanted them to.  Walking upstairs at work was HARD!

So last week I relaxed a bit more.  It wasn’t the time to skip riding completely, but it wasn’t time foe a big ride either.  A fast 30 along the trail loosened the muscles, and got blood pumping, but didn’t make me work too hard.  The result?  My legs were MUCH fresher last week.

I decided I needed to step up the commute home to give the legs a bit more work.  To do this I have switched to the steeper uphill route from the house.  It goes up for over a mile, then a VERY steep 1/4 mile climb, then the last gradual mile to the house.  Perfect!  Takes about 5 minutes longer to get home, but worth it.  I will continue this till the big ride.

I can’t give up on the long rides though!  The legs gotta know they have work to do coming up and be ready for it.  More in importantly, I have to keep the butt in saddle shape.  200 miles can HURT!


So here’s the plan I’ve come up with.  tomorrow morning will be a decent distance, a 60 mile lake Washington loop.  Michelle has been kind enough to put together road food for me!

imageThis will make it much easier to go the distance.

This week, as it is a not a Manchild weekend next weekend, I will get an extra day of commuting.  Then, its has been decreed (by me) that one day next weekend is a century ride.  This will be unsupported, just me.  That means getting things ready during the week  for the ride.

Plan A is to go to the top of Chinook Pass from Enumclaw.  It’s a long drive to get there, and takes me to the top of a mountain pass.  I love that ride, but for it to work, the weather has to be nice.  I don’t mind getting rained on anywhere else, but up there, it can lead to hypothermia.

If the weather is bad, I catch the ferry


and then ride to Sequim, Not as much fun, but full of rolling hills and pretty scenery of Puget Sound.  Either one is a good training ride.

That will probably be the last 100 mile day before the big day.  I will do more 60s and 70s as the week gets closer, then the week of the ride, the bike stays home!  I will drive in to work with Michelle and then take the bus home.  I will give these old legs 5 full days of rest before I saddle up and head south at 445 AM.

The goal, to have this face as I come to the finish line again!  HOPEFULLY, before 9PM that same night!  Like the wind!

end of stp



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