OK I’da been Mad!

I am not sure if it’s the case work wide, but in the states, Sunday was Fathers Day. For normal families, I guess this day means bar b cues, or golfing, or family gatherings.

I’ve always disliked Fathers Day personally (at least since I’ve had kids).  In previous times, it meant being drug to the above mentioned events (even though as a Dad it was supposed to be my day.) or getting the stink eye for answering “Going on a long hike!” when asked what I wanted to do.

Nowadays it is SO much nicer!

Michelle knows my preferences for this day, so she told me, in no uncertain terms, “You will be riding today!” Damn!  Having to do what I WANT to do!  SO unfair that lady of mine!

I set the alarm for 5:30, and hit the bed Saturday night!  The alarm went off, in what seemed to be a VERY short time!  I was a bit fuzzy that early, and hit the snooze.  The second time it went off, I go one eye open, and looked around.  “Why the hell is it so dark this morning?” was the first thought.  This time of year the sun comes up early, and 5:30 is pretty bright.  “Damn!  Must be raining!” was thought two.

I reached for the old cell phone I use as an alarm (cheap assed Valente they call me!) and squinted at it to try to keep it from going off again and waking Michelle.  It was 2:45!  Sure enough, upon further investigation, I found out I had set it for 2:30 not 5:30.

I will tell you, had I gotten up and started to get ready, I’da been madder than hell


(and might have just sucked it up and gone ahead and ridden!)  Instead, I reset the alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep!

I was up at 6 (Hit snooze twice) and off to Starbucks.  Michelle got up to give me my card and present (gotta love her!) She was off for a 9 mile walk while I took off for the Lake Washington Loop.

For the first time in months, I got rained on, but the temp was warm (high 50s) so no reason not to ride, and luckily I got home before the downpour.  I am thinking it was because it was father’s day, that the route was almost empty.  Usually there are some pretty large herds on this one.  Of course, it coulda been the rain as well.

For some reason, for the first 15 miles or so, the legs felt tired, but after that, I cruised along.  I like this route as it has views of the lake, hills for training, and everything from tree-lined paths, to downtown streets to travel on.  Keeps it from getting boring.

I also got to see two bald eagles, one 15 above my head, if that, near the southern most part of the ride in Renton.  It’s not till they are that close that you realize how big they are!

Mathmajor called to wish me happy birthday at the base of the Juanita hill.  He worked he commencement ceremony at Western Washington University and met the speaker, Gary Locke.  He told me that he had no idea who the man was, but “He was easy to set up sound for, no special demands ( This is HIGH praise from him!)

Now you may not know him either, but most in Washington state do.  He was King County Executive, Governor of our state and recently the Ambassador to China.  So, now, with famous bingo, Math Major can say he has met a Vice President (Joe Biden) and now an ex-governor and ambassador!

One last point, and I apologize for the content here, but it was a very weird road-kill ride.  Going over Jaunita hill, I saw two of the biggest damn dead rats I have ever seen! I could see their teeth as well they were huge!

the ride took a little over 4 hours, and felt good!  Michelle completed her 9 mile walk in a little over 2 hours!  She was flying, and will rock her half marathon!

As I type this, I still have the season finale of Game of Thrones to watch!  All in all, a pretty damn good Fathers day!

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