A memorable cycling day

You know you spend a lot of time on social media sites, Facebook in particular, when you get a text from Mom asking, “Is everything ok?  You’ve been awful quiet on FB…”  It made me giggle, my kids have the cool gramma who can text AND posts on Facebook.

Truth is, this week I haven’t even posted much on the Blog.  I’ve been fighting an UGLY cold.  

Manchild was sicker than a dog this weekend when he was up with us.  I am usually able to fight off germs (Good clean living you know, and that cycling immune system!) but this time the bug snuck up on me and hit me hard! It was bad enough, that I really wanted to stay home from work yesterday, but I am in the middle of teaching class.  There really isn’t anyone I could tap to take over.

This has NOT stopped me from cycling home though.  Those of you who know me know that I thinking cycling with a cold makes the cold go away faster. Breathing harder in the fresh air forces out the virus and replaces it with good air.  (No I am NOT a Dr but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express more than once)

I have kept up the miles, but it has taken a toll, last night was the worst.  When I got home I was fried.  I went to bed at 6 PM, and crashed hard, until 8.  Then read for a couple of hours, and popped a night-time cold tab.  Yep slept like a baby…

There was a time I was firm believer that sleep was overrated, or I would say “I’ll sleep when I am dead!”  After last nights sleep, I know better.

Today I woke up with energy.  Nowhere near 100% mind you, but I at least could focus and hold a conversation.  I was also able to breathe better than I had for days at work.  Yes it was a better day.

Even better, the class ended early today, I was out on the road 2 hours earlier than I have been able to all month.  The sun was out, and I made it past the draw bridge seconds before the siren went off to raise it!  Timing is everything!

On the way home, the first event occurred.  OK, maybe to some it’s not really a big deal.  But to me, it shows I am still a kid on a bike at heart that I get excited when this happens.


Yep!  16000 miles since I started keeping track at Christmas 2007.  I know there are people who do this many miles every year.  Also many people who have ridden so many miles they don’t keep track at all any more.  But to me, it makes me think of all the long and short trips I’ve taken, the things I’ve seen (Today it was a bald eagle soaring, with crows and seagulls dive-bombing him.  He flat didn’t care!)

I have spent a lot of my last 7 years on the back of two wheels, and 16000 miles is almost 2/3 of the distance around the equator!  There are many more miles are to come.

When I got home, I knew I had planned to get the lawn mowed (double workout day, and lord it needed it!) However, event 2 happened when I checked the mail!



Yep! This is $15 well spent!  My number and packet for the Seattle to Portland has arrived!   This saved me at least an hour standing in line next month!  3 weeks from Saturday I will be heading south!  It just made me smile to see this.  I’ve been training all year, and by the number (484 out of 10000 riders) you can see I signed up early!

So here I am, feeling almost human again, sitting in bed next to my gorgeous wife, sharing my day with y’all once again.  It’s very rare that I skip two days in a row, and I missed it!  Thanks for visiting and wish me luck, Sunday I ride my last 100 mile day before the STP!

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