Couple of minutes can mess up the commute

It is SO nice not to be sick anymore!  And the recovery hit right at the right time, its Friday, the weekend is supposed to be nice for riding and I was able to leave at 3:30!  I was downstairs and changing at 3:25 and ready to roll, and then it hit me…  The sunglasses were upstairs at my desk!  DAMN!  To the elevator!

I got the express back to the 7th floor, grabbed the glasses and back to the elevator.  I woulda taken the stairs, but the bike shoes are a little dicey in our stairwell.  Of course, on the way down, I had to stop at every floor.  I ended up being 10 minutes late.  It can make all the difference.

First problem, was getting onto the road to head Northbound.  For some reason southbound was backed up for miles.  Luckily, the drivers were considerate and let me in.

OK time to make up for the lost time.  The sun was shining and there was a tail wind, time to fly!  I was making great time, and coming to the University Bridge when I heard it!  The sound of a railroad crossing, but there’s no train.  Damn!  The bridge was opening.

imageOK, there’s part of me, the kid, that thought Hmm if I pedal fast enough, maybe JUST maybe I could make the jump.  Luckily the smarter adult took over so I waited with the rest of the cyclists.  Even I didn’t think I could climb it now.

imageBut now I need some help!  Here it is 4 PM, rush hour on a major road,  traffic is already backed up for miles, and they open the bridge.  Why?  Because of this:

image How does one sail boat take precedence over hundreds of people on the road?  Personally I think there should be a rule, if you don’t make it to the bridge by 2:30 you wait till traffic dies off.  The bridge going up can ruin the commute for cars.

Luckily I am NOT a car, as you can see I was right at the bridge, as soon as it went down, I was gone again! The tailwind was still behind me and the campus of UW was empty (classes are out for the summer) I made great time again!  Soon, I had made up for the late start and the bridge.

That is until I got to the store.  We needed milk and bread.  I jetted in and grabbed the stuff got to the front and got stuck!  Who has a full cart of booze, and potato chips and does NOT let me go in front?  I always let people with only a couple of items go first.  Yeah I do, but not this guy.  Damn!

But sometimes, its good to be a regular.  The manager came up and opened another line just for me, checked me out and then shut it down again.  I was on the road again before the other guy even finished getting rung up.

I ended up home earlier than I have all week.  Michelle was waiting for me making dinner and I honestly had one helluva a fun ride home.  Not being sick, great weather, strong legs, and the woman I love when I got home, it was a great end to what was not my best week ever.

Bike commuting helps relieve instead of causes stress, if you never have you should try it sometime!

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