Hardest part of my training

OK Here we go.  Now that I have learned to read a calendar, I now know that the Seattle to Portland is actually NOW two weeks from tomorrow!  I’ve been saying it was a  “coupla weeks away” for the last month now.

Every week and weekend up and until now was geared around getting as many miles as possible.  Cuz as we know, the best way to train for a long ride is to ride! Now though, I enter the most difficult part (for me) of training…

What might that be you ask?  Well its the tapering down and  rest phase!


I have at LEAST 14 hours of pedaling coming up on July 12th.  (This does not count stops for food, water, and honeybuckets.)  That is a LONG time in the saddle and a long time to keep the legs moving.  (Ponder for a bit, when’s the last time you worked out 14 hours in a single day?)

Because of this, I want to start with fresh legs.  This will mean at 4AM that Saturday I will be giving myself the best possible chance to finish as I have planned.

It starts this weekend.  I will only be riding a 40 miler tomorrow.  It does have some hills, but I should be done within 3 hours. It will give me a good stretch of the legs, but then plenty of time to relax.  OK, maybe not relax too much, there is yard work to do this weekend and we have a wine/cheese thing tomorrow afternoon, but still more time off than if I did 100.

Then next week’s bike commute will be easier as well.  I will be working up in the office that’s 5 miles from the house.  This will mean I am cycling both ways, but all together it will be only 10 miles a day instead of my normal 17.  (Though there is a LONG steep hill on the way home!)  Friday is Independence Day, which means Thursday traffic out of Seattle will SUCK!  I will be back at that office, that day, so I will use the bike to get home and avoid the hordes on the freeway.

That will be the LAST ride until the 12th.  Oer the long weekend we will go to Mt Rainier and then relax.  The following week I will drive in to work with Michelle and then take the bus home.  This  is when I will struggle the most.  People always look at me weird when I say that.  They wonder how hard it is to stay off a bike.  I try to explain it’s all mental for me.

I have to fears in life: getting old and getting fat.  There is nuthin I can do about the first one, but the second is one of the key reasons I ride.  (Not the number 1 reason though.  I ride because I like it!) When I stop for any length of time, I start feeling, almost immediately, that I am loosing tone and turning into a fat old guy.

Yes I know its stupid.  And knowing that will keep me on the plan., but it does go through my head.  Add to it I like riding, I like it a lot.  It’s my stress relief after a long day at work, and it gets me home in a happy mood.   So in addition to not working out, I will have to work on not being grouchy.

I know its only for a week, and there will be enough pre ride fiddling with the bike to keep me busy, but every year I complain when I do this.

I will say though, unlike other years I am still feeling good about the ride and not worrying if I’ve trained enough.  I am looking forward to the ride and the trip to the ocean afterwards!

Now there is a new concern though, without saddle time, what the heck am I going to write about here?????


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