Recovery Trip

Normally, after completing the big ride of the year, I would simply go home, take a shower, get the errands done, and be ready for work Monday morning.  I will not say I am productive on these days, nor am I moving quickly, but I am there.

This time, however, I decided that a break after the 204 miles was in order.  Michelle and I spent the night in Portland, we then woke up and headed for Cannon Beach, Oregon.


Spending 3 days at the Ocean seemed like a LOT more fun than heading back to the Mighty P.

Now we are NOT staying in Cannon Beach itself.  Michelle booked us a small vacation house about 6 miles south of there in Arch Cape, overlooking the Ocean.


In all the trips I’ve taken to the coast I have never seen or heard of this place, mainly because if you blink you will miss it.

We were initially bummed that we weren’t in town, as we prefer to walk everywhere we go on vacation.  We hadn’t taken into account, though was how BUSY town was in the summer time, even during the week.  This was the beach in town.


Now this was the beach near our place on the same day.

imageimageTruthfully where would you have rather have been?

We did of course visit Haystack in town.  You can’t go the Cannon Beach without going there.  It’s one of the most famous and most photographed seastacks in the world.  We love checking it out and taking pictures.

imageBut again look at all the people.  I am not trying to be anti social here, but when I go to the ocean, I prefer it to be much more scenic and private.  Which is why the Oregon coast is so amazing.  If you do some looking, and stay away from the main touristy areas, you can find nature and privacy.

At Hug Point, a mile away from us, I got these pictures.



imageYes there were a few people there, even this hot chick, but still much fewer than town.  We did think we were witnessing Darwin in action though.  Some of those people at the cave were walking into the incoming tide, to go around the bluff to the other side.  Around here its a good way to never be seen again.  But to each their own.

Then today at our own beach This is what we saw

imageimageimageimageAnd even this weirdness

imageimageI love nature, geology, waves, wind, seagulls, pelicans, eagle and the sounds you get at the ocean.  In all honesty, I was physically and mentally pretty beat up by this ride, and, as always, the coast went a long way in healing me and recharging the batteries.

Michelle and I spent our last night doing a walk through town, and having a good dinner at Bills’s Tavern, with some great beer selections

image I highly recommend the DuckDive IPA.  Some of the clientellle left a lot to be desired though!



This was exactly what I needed.  I feel about 85% and improving (I was about 68 when I got here.) I have smiled, walked, sat, read, relaxed for the last 3 days, not to mention finding great places to kiss Michelle.

imageYep I will recommend the coast to anyone.  It’s the perfect place to escape, and we will be back often!  Thanks for visiting!


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