A Seattle kinda day!

Last week, it was in the 90s, and I was riding like the wind for 16 hours.  (OK, maybe a summer breeze more than the wind, but I rode!)  Today it was in the 70s and a bit cloudy and all about being in Seattle!

Michelle and I started out heading into the city for a Seattle Sounders match. They were playing an exhibition match (known as a friendly) with the Tottingham Spurs.  We wanted to see the game, but more importantly, we wanted to see Jen for the last time.

Jen was the leader of the Jingle Bell run last year.  Michelle, as last years honoree, and she worked closely throughout the year n preparation for the big event.  Sadly, the poor thing got a new gig working in the hell on earth the locals call Atlanta, GA.

I told her how sorry I was she had to live there, and she smiled and said “I can always count on Tony to tell me exactly what he is thinking!”  She is excited though, and I know she will do well.

Soccer is a big deal in town.  In fact, this is the 40th anniversary year of the Sounders.


We have a set of hard corp fans that are amazing.  They Clap


Chant, sing and lock arms and pogo in unison the entire game!


They have yell leaders, song cards and live and breathe soccer.  But they also have a softer side.  Today an 18 year with cystic fibrosis, through the Make a Wish foundation, became part of the sounders.  He was given a contract and got to take a shot on goal.  This drunken group of rowdies showed him their ultimate respect while he played.


The cheers were as loud for him as any of the three goals we scored!

Michelle and I stayed till half time, but decided to head out and go into town for a while.  Manchild was at home, and I didn’t want to leave him the entire day.

As we left the stadium we started walking back to the Mighty P.  We always park there, for free, and walk the couple of miles through town to the match.

On the way back, she finally convinced me to go into the Utilikilt store.  Yep, you guessed it, they sell kilts.  But they are hand-made in Seattle and a staple around here.  I’ve always kinda wanted one, but never pulled the trigger.  However, this year, I was told by HR that kilts are NOT banned by the dress code.  Which means on hot days, when I can’t wear shorts…

So yes, as a VERY early birthday present, Michelle got me my own kilt.


I will say I was hesitant, but then I mentally kicked myself.  Hell, I never get embarrassed, so why not!!  The very next day that approaches 90…..

We detoured near the Pike Place Market, and then back to the car for home, a very nice Seattle day!

BUT, I was not done yet.  I had asked Manchild if he wanted to go to the Bite of Seattle. A huge food fest held in the Seattle Center.  So off he and I went for dinner, while Michelle was rewarded with a nice quiet house for the evening!

We again parked at PEMCO and walked to the center, Hell I musta walked close to 6 miles today! (Eric told me flat-out though “You are NOT wearing the kilt!”)

We started roaming the stands and he missile locked on this!


One bite of the German dog and he was RAVING about it for the rest of the night!

I went with some Lamb Sliders from further down the park, and Mango Lemonade.  DAMN good.  Later, I stumbled on deep-fried mac & cheese!  OH MY GAWD it was good! I split 4 pieces with the kid and we were very happy there wasn’t more. (though secretly I think we could have easily eaten more!)

I was VERY intrigued by this booth!


But the line to order was huge, and then the line waiting to get the sandwich even longer!

Manchild settled for shaved ice with Tigers Blood, Mango and another flavor (yeah no clue what tigers blood was) while I wanted something different to end with…

We came upon the elk meat stand.  Now I am not a hunter, but I’ve had elk before so I asked for the sausage breakfast sandwich (thinking it would be small like McDonalds).  NOPE it was huge!  It wasn’t spectacular, but not bad.  I was very full when I was done!

After that, we walked back to the car.  All in all, I had a great day in Seattle with two of my favorite people!

And YEP I promise to blog when I wear the kilt to work!

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