Hell on Earth

In my last post, A Seattle Kinda Day, I alluded to  (ok I admit it, I flat referred to) Atlanta as Hell on Earth.  I have a friend who used to live up here in Seattle, but now lives down there, and took me to task for saying that about somewhere I’d never set foot in…Well, I have to admit that she is correct, I have never been there.  I may have made a connecting flight at the airport, but that doesn’t count.  You also have to realize she knew me back before I was the urban sophisticate you see today.  (Yep she was there the day I freaked out over seeing rats and my first panhandler in Seattle)

Yep, back then I did NOT want to go to California, because I was sure the minute I landed, the 10.0 earthquake would hit and the damn state would sink into the Pacific.  I have since been there quite a few times, and I am happy to report the state is still there.

I also had a point in time where I refused to go east of the Mississippi River.  My reasoning?  “I never lost anything there, so why go?”  I should point out that I was born in Boston, and lived in Pennsylvania and Missouri when I was young.  But in my early 20s, I had no desire to go back.

I have been back east a few times, Nebraska, Michigan, Florida, and Boston at different times over the years.  So I have crossed the river.  And you know what?  I still haven’t lost anything there.

So now lets discuss my thinking.  There is a difference between visiting somewhere and living there.

There are some places that most people don’t want to do either.  For example, ever have anyone tell you they are going on vacation to Kansas or Oklahoma?  Anytime I hear that, my first question is “Visiting Family?”  Why?  Cuz NO ONE wants to spend vacation there unless they have to, especially in the summer.

Omaha is the same way.  I was there for a week in July for the Mathmajor’s Speed Skating nationals


and I can tell you it’s where  June Bugs go to die!  That, and a very nice z00 are its only claim to fame.  Yes, for me to have to live there would suck.

But there are places that are fun to visit, but I still wouldn’t want to live there.  Key West is one.  Michelle and I had a blast!!  We rode a motor scooter all over the island, saw the sites



southern most point


But even in March/April it was HOT!  I love the feeling of landing in Seattle, in the evening, when its raining when I have been somewhere hot.  I am energized and feel like I am being cleansed!  We are talking about going back next year!  But live there?  Hell no.

So let’s talk Atlanta.  Or Georgia as a whole.  I am sure there are cool things to see down there.  I have always wanted to see the Okefenokee Swamp, and they do film “The Walking Dead” down there.   OK, I also know there is serious history and probably a great deal to see.

But, even though I have never been there, I have been to Pensacola in July.  Looking on the map, it was right on the water, so I was hoping for the cooling breezes we get here.  Yeah not so much.  I was miserable.  Hot, humid, running from air-conditioned hotel room, to air-conditioned car, to air-conditioned ANYTHING….  UGH.  THAT is what I have heard and read Atlanta is like.

Now add to it, it is not bike friendly, LOTS of tornado warnings, and mosquitos, I will pass.

But it is NOT just Atlanta.  I loved my visit to Alaska, but nope wouldn’t want to live there either, even though warm is not a problem.  Once the snow flew, I would have to hand up the bike.  Maybe I could cross-country ski, but I think I will pass.

Same goes for places like Chicago and the Northeast.   Maine is on my bucket list, as is DC  and going back to Boston.  But the winters and salt on the roads would kill the bike.  My Chicago blogger friends kept me informed on how much they couldn’t ride last year.

So, does that mean I would ONLY live here (and by here I mean western Washington as all of it would be nice)?  Well no, there are other options.  The Oregon coast would be GREAT!  Not too hot, lots of places to ride, gorgeous scenery


And very laid back.  It lacks mountains but I could get them with a little driving.

Corvallis Oregon, or places near there would also be great.  It does get toasty in the summer, but the ocean, with the cooling breezes, are within cycling distance.

I think British Columbia would be nice as well.  Much like us here, but more polite.

So, lets see if I have changed.  What about places I’ve never been?

I would dearly love to visit Costa Rica, everything I have heard makes me think I would enjoy it immensely, but again, too tropical for me to survive.

New Zealand on the other hand, would be ok to visit and live.  Nothing I have read, seen on TV, or heard from those who have been makes me think I would not be happy there.  Mountains, cycling, great Tony climate, and perfect for new adventures.

Asia?  Sorry still no draw for me there, except to see the great wall of China

So yes, I did slam on Atlanta without ever being there, my apologies.  But it all stems back to my theory on too hot vs too cold.  You can always put on another layer of clohtes or another blanket not the bed, or snug up with someone and be comfy no matter how cold it is.

But when it is hotter than hell (hey maybe I was right) you can only take off so much clothing, after that, you have to rely on the AC.  PLUS, I am told shorts are not consider formal attire down there, maybe my new kilt would be.

Besides, it’s hard for anywhere to compete with this:


Case closed!


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  1. LOVE this post! Haha, oh I sooooo get it. All of it.

    Chicago, yeah. I’ve even moved it to the the place that’s fun to visit and not live. I’ll probably write a post about it, seeing as how I’ve already tweeted it, but we are going to meg to Colorado. I think your gorgeous pics were the ‘gateway drugs’… Made me crave beautiful scenery.

    I made a funny map, too, where I basically crossed off all the places to not even visit. You mentioned almost all of them (my map was more exhaustive of a list)… Haha

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