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I wasn’t able to ride the bike home from work today.  Michelle was helping her mom go that the doctor and the Manchild was coming up after he did his speech in class.  Since he really doesn’t like to ride home on my handle bars, that meant I needed the car to get him home.  Now normally this isn’t an issue, especially since we get to use the carpool lane.  However, today I had to plan around a different obstacle, the President was in town.

Now I want to go on record here.  When if comes to presidential (or presidential candidate for that matter) visits to my town, I just have one request.  I don’t care who he or in the future she is, nor what political party is represented by the person, I would just rather he or she just stay the hell OUT of Seattle!

Why you may ask?  Because is screws up traffic something fierce! Entire freeways need to be shutdown until the motorcade goes by.  Then it takes forever for traffic to recover, sometimes just in time for him to head back to Airforce 1.  I once spent 20 minutes on the hood of my car talking to the guy next to me (in the middle of I-5) when George Bush was in town.  He and I had completely different political views, but on that day we were untied in our unhappiness with George.

Maybe I am naive, but it seem silly to have to do this, there are other ways to get things done that would be much less disruptive.

Many times, like today, the goal of the trip is a fund easier.  Having dinner at someone’s house.  Many times, at a couple of houses.  So let’s start with this.  Instead of driving and messing up traffic for hundreds of thousands of people, how bout we chopper his butt where he needs to go.  How cool would it be for the guy hosting the fund-raiser to have the president’s helicopter land in his front yard.  And no traffic tie ups!

No chopper option?  OK, how bout this.  Wherever Airforce 1 lands, they take over a hangar at the airport, decorate it all fancy like and hold the fund easier there.

It would be SO much easier for the rich cowboys who attend these events to Limo to Boeing field from wherever they live, than to move the POTUS.  They could even watch the planes take off and land during dinner.  Shoot that almost sounds like fun.

What?  Rich people won’t go to hangers? Too dirty and not fancy enough?

OK, then how bout this.  Hell I might even buy a ticket if this would happen.  Hold the fund raiser on Airforce one itself!  Hell doing that, they could charge 3 times as much for the attendees, and it would mean he could land and take off on time.  Imagine the stories you could tell and the selfles you could take while running  around that plane!

Any of these, and I am sure plenty others, would make life so much easier on so many people.

The last time he was in town, Manchild and I got lucky, we were the last car allowed to go south on I5 and we saw his plane coming in for a landing.  He and I were stoked to see it, but I was stuck in Federal Way for an extra hour to let traffic clear!

Today, somehow we missed the mess, we were able to get the heck out of dodge before he screwed up my traffic.  In fact, him stopping traffic farther south made for a fast drive home for me.

Over all though, I stick to what I said earlier.  If’n they won’t take the suggestions I made, then stay the hell OUT of my town.

I now return you to your normal programming.

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