For the last two days, I was in a classroom working with a group of people.  Heads down, nose to the grind stone cranking things out.  And, unlike other times I have said this, it’s really true this time.  We got a lot done in the last two days, and the info we gathered is going to keep me busy for the next month.

When I got back to my desk this afternoon, this was taped on my monitor:



I honestly laughed, shoot, you might even call it a guffaw!  Because with the project I am on, I am destined for SERIOUS computer time until October!

Now first off, lets look at the bright side.  This is work that has to be done, and I am the only one in my area that knows the system enough to develop the material I need to be able to teach the upcoming classes.  Having been laid off before, it’s always a good feeling when you feel necessary.

I also like what I am doing and the people I will be teaching.  So all in all, this is not a bad thing.

However, I know there will be days that I will feel like the guy in the picture!  Trying to escape the evil clutches of the computer.  That laptop I work on will be trying to rope and hogtie me, and keep me from enjoying the rest of the summer in Seattle (of course, with 3/4 of an inch of rain today, being stuck inside was NOT a bad thing for one day)

I will need to keep myself from feeling trapped by the little black box, and remember there is life outside of my dual monitors!

First, while working, it will be time to keep the music cranked.  The Pandora Bon Jovi, Tobie Keith, and Jimmy Buffett stations will help with this.  The right music can take me out of the office and to Key West looking over the water

Key West


All while the fingers of flames fly over the keyboard!  I can predict a bit of chair dancing going on as well.

I will need to rely on “Old Reliable” to keep me sharp after work.



Saddling up and riding home, clearing the mind and keeping the legs in shape.  It would be too easy to decide to drive, and cut out the riding to get more done.  I know I can get this project done in the time I have in the office, so I will not have to neglect myself.  Michelle knows I get damn cranky when I miss workouts.

Maybe I could take the long way home some night and hit the hotdog stand in the park!  Exercise the body and the palate at the same time.  A hot dog makes everything better!

Then there are other things I can do, starting as early this weekend.  Over the years, I have hiked, many a trail here in Washington.  Been to lakes


and Waterfalls


and even remote mailboxes


but one of my favorite things to hike to are the old fire lookouts.


There is one near us on top of Mt Pilchuck.  Michelle is heading out of town for a girls weekend in Oregon, so Sunday it will be time to break out my hiking gear from mothballs and get back to nature!  There is nothing that recharges my batteries more than to be in the mountains.  I will be able to hit the ground running come Monday morning!

Plus, the occasional adult beverage after a long day getting work done



Brutal Bitter in Hand!
Brutal Bitter in Hand!

Is never a bad idea!

Letting my mind rest by reading books is relaxing, stirs the imagination and helps keep me sane.  In fact, I read every day during lunch.  Granted, I use the iPad, which is a computer, but a good book while chowing down, can make you forget you in the cafeteria at work.  Then add a walk right after, it’s almost like an hour long vacation.  (don’t laugh, manys the time I have gone to lunch beyond frustrated and not sure what to do, and it the answer hit halfway through the walk!)

So why this post?  It’s to remind me that work is necessary.  I have bills to pay and food needed to be purchased.  However, if you let it, work can take over, and become your life. I prefer to think of it as a means to LIVE my life!

The picture on the computer just gave me a great reminder!

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  1. Yup. 90% of my job is computer based so I can relate to that feeling. What a great picture!!

    What helps me deal with the inescapable computer time is having a standing desk. At least I’m not sitting all time anymore.

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