Dripping along…

Seattle can be very strange and unique place when it comes to weather.  Last week, while riding the STP we were in the 90s.  It hadn’t rained in over a month, and I was hating life.


This week is completely different.

Yesterday was heaven on Earth as far as I was concerned.  After being miserably hot for way too long, we woke up to 50s and rain.  YES!!  Walking outside and taking a deep breath, it was like I could feel months of dust and pollen leaving my lungs.

And this was NOT just a summer shower.  This was rain!  We set a record with almost 3/4 of an inch of rain.  If you sat quietly and listened you could almost hear the plants all over Seattle doing a giant SLUUUUUUURP.

I didn’t ride home yesterday, since it was Michelle’s last day before heading to Oregon to spend the weekend with her best friend.  But, after taking her to the airport, I made plans to leave her car at the Mighty P, bike home today and then bike in tomorrow morning.

I loved my walk today!  63, cloudy, honestly refreshing.  The last few weeks I’ve gotten back to the office sweating up a storm.  Today, I coulda walked forever out there.  Sadly, I had a lot to do today so I was stuck back in the office.

However, the ride home was ahead of me and I was looking forward to it.  I am trying to get back into the normal swing of things now that the big ride is over.  It was just cool enough outside that I had to wear the one day rider vest.  PERFECT.  I wish we coulda had this weather a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been riding back and forth to work for over a year now.  I have listed quite a few benefits of cycle commuting.  Today, after all this time, I am able to add yet another!

I was traveling up the road when I saw a car stopped dead in the road ahead of me.  As I got closer, it turned out to be a pretty good accident.  There was a bumper in the middle of the road, debris everywhere and a guy standing in the middle of the road  taking photos of the car.

Traffic was starting to back up both ways.  It must have recently happened, as even the police hadn’t shown up yet.  Had I been in the car, I would’ve been stuck for quite a while as there is no place to do a u-turn there.

On the bike though, it was easy.  I simply went to the sidewalk, walked the bike around the scene of the accident, saddled up and took off again.  I’d estimate I lost about 32 seconds total.

The rest if the ride home can only be described as refreshing.  Again no heat, no sun, hell it was even chilly at some parts.  I loved it!  Then, about 15 minutes from home, the rain hit!

Now in the winter, after I have been riding in the rain for days, I will fully admit there will be another picture like this


But today, if I woulda taken the time to stop for a picture, you woulda seen a stupid grin on my face.  Water was dripping down my nose, I didn’t have a rain coat or helmet cover and I DID NOT CARE!!  It was like the rain was washing away the pain of STP, the stress of work this week, the bad news on the radio and anything else that is hitting me right now.

It was fun.  Hell, at one point the glasses we almost too fogged up to see, and it didn’t matter.  I was kinda bummed that the ride ended.

Tomorrow morning will be another cool weather ride, and then we start going back to summer.  Saturday, will be back in the 80s.

This seems like a very rambly post to me, but today was one of my favorite rides of the summer!  It’s good to be back in the saddle!

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