It’s been over a year…

As I took my lunch tine walk today, I looked, as I always do, at the cycles that passed me.  I do this anywhere I am, but I look even closer when I am in Seattle.  Why, you ask?  Well let me tell you, because yesterday was the anniversary of the reason behind my curiosity

A year ago, I came out of a LONG, HOT meeting with only one thought on my mind, Hop on the bike and let the wind clear my head.

The bikes name is NOT Fred
The bikes name is NOT Fred

Unlike many riders, I only have one bike, I use it for commuting, century rides, work outs and running errands.  So, imagine how I felt when I got to the bike rack at work, changed and ready for the ride home.  And found thisimage


Yep a year ago my first Specialize Tri-cross was taken.  (See the original post here)  Now I know, trust me I was lambasted on the blog and twitter for using a piddly lock like this!  It amazed me how many people blamed me for the bike being stolen…

That bike and I had ridden together for 6 years and almost 13000 miles.  I rode my first Century (notice the street shoes no clipless yet)

The end of my first century, notice the thumbs up!
The end of my first century, notice the thumbs up!

Finished my first Seattle to Portland

End of First STP
End of First STP

And rode the Oregon Coast on that bike

Halfway through my bike tour of the Oregon coast.
Halfway through my bike tour of the Oregon coast.

Needless to say I was not a happy man and I scoured the work neighborhood for hours over the next few weeks, looking at every bus with a bike on the rack, and person going by.

However, props to my beautiful wife who said “Let’s go shopping you need a new one, NOW!”  I had a big ride coming up in weeks and she was NOT letting me miss it.

Two days later, I was the proud owner of a new bike!  A brand new and improved Specialize Tri-cross

Mountainstroh rides again!!
Mountainstroh rides again!!

Peak Sports in Corvallis Or set me up, and I was back in the saddle!

Also props to the Mighty P who set us up with in door parking 2 weeks later.


Here it is, almost 4000 miles later and the bike Michelle calls Fred (its name is NOT Fred!) have accomplished a lot!

The Crater Lake Century



And my second One day STP (better shoes too!)



I love my new bike, and plan to ride it into the ground someday way in the future.  I have no idea where the next year will take me on it, but I know no matter where it is, the bike will always get me home.

I know if I found the original bike now, I would me very sad at the condition I am sure it is in.  Best guess was some homeless guy snuck in, ditched his broken down mountain bike and took mine.

Now I know, many people would think I should let it go and forgive the dirtbag, who “probably needed it more than I did.”  And yeah maybe I should, but then that aint my style.  Personally, I am hoping that if there is a very hot place where people go in the hereafter, there is a very special place for bike thieves.

And if there isn’t such a place,  maybe at least once he smacked into a tree….




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