Just like old times

For the last 5+ years, since the ex and I have split up, I have had the same schedule almost every week.  In addition to the Manchild (now that Mathmajor is in college this doesn’t apply to him) being up with Michelle and I every other weekend, I also go down to Federal Way, and take the kid out for dinner every Tuesday.  Today was one of those dinners tha was  even more fun than usual.

With Mathmajor away at school most of the year, Manchild and I are on our own.  We eat at only the best places:  Red Robin, IHOP, Taco Del Mar, Godfathers, the Rock, and, when we are really lucky, the VERY best place to eat in town, Gramma’s! (my mom).

Afterwards, he and I hang out for a while, and do something.  Way back when we first split, there was a family oriented billiard place.  We’d all go there for an hour or so and play 8-ball.  (The only downside of the place was WAY too much christian rock!)

Sadly, a couple of years ago, the place closed.  This left us a bit at loose ends, but we have gotten into the habit of going to Starbucks, getting tea, and either letting him do homework, or the two of us play cribbage.  For the record, he has beaten me MUCH more than I ever beat my dad!

Tonight though was different in a couple of ways.

Mathmajor is on summer vacation, and was not working today, so he came along.  It was a Tac del Mar night, (LOVE the burritos!)

It’s fun to watch those two together.  One is almost 21 and the other is 16.  And yes, since they are brothers, they get on each other’s nerves sometimes. (shoot I am almost 50 and I am still trying to sell my little brother on Cragslist)  More often than not, though, they get a along VERY well.

Tonight was one of those nights.  They were making the lady behind the counter laugh loudly as they ordered the exact same thing.  They were elbowing each other, and just genuinely having a good time.

We then sat and just hung out for 20 minutes after we were all done.  Manchild then said “We need a new place to shoot pool!”

Well the older one busted out his phone and I handed mine to the younger, and they were digging through the interwebs (Talk to the Google!) looking for a place.  Sure enough, they found one just a half mile down the road on highway 99.

Now, highway 99 is a bit infamous.  In the right places you can buy many illegal substances and even a “friend” for an hour or so on certain parts of the road.  Given this, I was a bit apprehensive of what we might be getting into.

Well after 3 u-turns and some wild guesses, we finally found the place tucked back in the corner with a bunch of Asian restaurants.   We went in and it was perfect!  New tables, well-lit, friendly people, free pop, and only $12 an hour to play.

We were ALL rusty, and those two were giggly as they played and didn’t do well.  Manchild got a bit frustrated near the end as he felt he was missing WAY too many shots.  We will be going back there a lot!

It was nice hanging with both of them, listening to them talk, and seeing really just how much they have grown up.

All in all a great evening!

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