Damn I needed that!

Folks, I do my best to give my wife credit for everything she does,  Michelle is amazing.  She knows I have been down on myself for not riding much, and not going on rides on the weekends.  So when I mentioned I was kinda thinking of taking the scenic route home from work, she said “GO! Have fun!”

So I did! Continue reading “Damn I needed that!”


OK, I am going to sound like an old curmudgeon here. Something that will sound like “Back in my day…” But that is exactly what I am going to do here. I will also be stepping away from anything to do with cycling or working out, and concentrating on the main focus of the week, the 2014 season opener for Washington State Cougar football!

This is a Thursday night game in Seattle, and it’s chaffed my hide a bit! Continue reading “GO COUGS!”

Book Review: Going Somewhere, A Bicycle Journey Across America

It has been a while since I have done a book review on a cycling book.  I’ve honestly stayed away from these for a while, as the last few just haven’t been that great.  However, when my buddy Joe Kurmaskie, my favorite cycling story author comes out and recommends one on his Facebook page, how could I not read it?

Damn glad I did! Continue reading “Book Review: Going Somewhere, A Bicycle Journey Across America”

I seriously heard banjos in the background!

Yesterday, while I was walking the 10 K with Michelle, running some errands and then off to wine tasting yesterday, my nephew and kid brother were at a Wal-Mart south of us selling Boy Scout popcorn.


Their annual fund easier event.  Whenever this starts, I remember the evening that ended the Mathmajors scouting career. Continue reading “I seriously heard banjos in the background!”

A bit of a different Saturday!

We love our Saturdays normally.  Usually, we sleep in, then Michelle eventually turns on NPR, to which we doze in and out of consciousness to, and we finally get out of bed when one of us in hungry.  Yep, normally Saturday morning is our lazy time.

Not today…. Continue reading “A bit of a different Saturday!”

How would you like a Daughter in Law

You know, as I pedal along, or walk at lunch, I like to let as much of my mind wander and relax as possible.  I make sure to keep an eye on my surroundings, watch for traffic, avoid those that look sketchy and do my best NOT to become a hood ornament.

Aside from that though,  the brain travels along whatever path it chooses.  You just never know what it may come up with or what memory will pop into it.  During last night’s ride home, the night my Dad met my  girlfriend Heather for the first (and LAST) time popped in there.  NOWadays it makes me giggle, but when it happened…. Continue reading “How would you like a Daughter in Law”

Well it ended ok….

So I have to tell ya, today was NOT one of my better days.  Work has been tough lately with the project I am on. It has me grouchy enough that Rocky, our cafeteria guy, asked me Tuesday why I didn’t whistle any more as I walked through the lunch room.  NOT a good sign.  And today was not good at all… Continue reading “Well it ended ok….”