Legs and Wings!

Folks, to fully understand the impact of today, I first need to take you back to 1991.  That was the year I first started working at the Mighty P, which, at the time, was a Washington State only insurance company.  This made is a very conservative employer in all ways, including dress code.  So much so, that legend has it our CEO was heard to have said “Denim is the devil’s fabric!”  Therefore, even on the snowiest of snow days, jeans were NOT worn in the office.

This is what most of us looked like in the office back then (I edited out one person who HATES this picture)


Men had ties and jackets, women could wear slacks but if they had dresses the needed hosiery, and one manager required women to have extra nylons in case of runs.  Yeah, times were different back then

Fast forward to 2014.  Now jeans are allowed! (YAY, let the angels sing!)  I think I have one pair of Dockers left from the Holy P, and I would not be surprised if the moths have eaten them.  I wear the 501s every day.  They do have a draw back though, they are NOT the most comfortable in the heat of summer!

Now women, who for the most part are at a disadvantage in corporate America (no argument here) have a distinct advantage when it comes to beating the heat.  The can wear capris, dresses, skirts, and other items that are much less warm than and more comfy in the summer.

I would LOVE to wear shorts at work, but this is strictly excluded in our dress code.  But then I asked (HR and my boss) what about a kilt?   There was a brief thought period, and I was told, “If you are gutsy enough to wear a kilt at work, you can do it!  But you MUST wear underwear!”

So today, with the mercury approaching 87, was the day!





Michelle bought me a Utilikilt at few weeks ago,  and since we have a marketing campaign that references it, it was the perfect choice.



Now this is where being me comes in handy.  I rarely get embarrassed, so walking into our corporate office as the only one wearing a kilt (ever) was no big deal at all.  The reactions I got were many and varied!  I received compliments, smiles, double takes, snickers, head shakes, and quite often the single word “WHY??”

I was also asked, more times since I was 5, if I was wearing underwear!!  (Not sure THAT is on the approved question list!)

I will tell you though, the lunch time walk was SO much more comfortable, shoot it was downright breezy!  They best walk I’ve had in weeks!  And on the Seattle streets, even though I wouldn’t call them common, kilts are seen often enough that I didn’t even get a glance.

Luckily, though, I was not the only excitement of the day.



Yep, this weekend is Seafair, our big summer festival with Hydroplane races, drunk lecherous pirates AND the Blue Angels!  Best part?  We can watch the Angels practice from the office!





We first hear the roar of the jets, and everyone makes a mad rush to the windows!  During my time at the Holy P, this was one of the top things I missed about working where I am now.  Tomorrow, they will be back, and I will be at the window again!

So all in all a great and memorable day!  It will be interesting to see if anyone else steps up to do this in the future, I know that August can hit the 90s, so I will do so again then!

And guys, gotta tell ya, the Utilikilts and wearing them are pretty damn cool! If you are ever in Seattle, go to Pioneer square and try one on, you won’t be disappointed!

6 thoughts on “Legs and Wings!

  1. LOL! That is awesome. Way to rock the kilt Tony. And that’s great that you guys got the Blue Angels! They didn’t have them in Chicago last year for financial reasons. BUT, according to the website they should be back this year! 🙂

    1. We missed out last year for budget as well! And thank you, I liked it more Thani eve thought! And I am getting requests to wear it again, along with stick in the mud ” why would you do that?”

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