Racking up the miles: June/July 2014

I was riding along on Saturday, enjoying the day, the views, the lack of people, and glanced at the odometer to calculate where I was for total miles in July.  At the end of each month, I log the odometer, and then do a Racking Up post to recap the month.

I do this to help me remember the highlights, lowlights and any other lights that may be out there while in the saddle.  As I was doing this, trying to remember when I ended in June, it hit me….


I flat forgot in June!

I went back to look, and I did a post on June 30th and July 1st, when I would normally do the recap post.  I liked both of them, in fact they were pretty decent ones if I say so myself, but pure and simple I brain cramped.

Thinking back, June seems to be a LONG time ago….  But, with exhaustive research, and some advanced trigonometry (OK, I SWAGGED it) I have split the mileage!  Overall, in June and July, I did 807 miles.  I will split it up as 453 in June (not a bad month at all) and 354 in July (pretty good considering)…

June was all about getting ready for the upcoming STP.  I was trying to be in the saddle as often as possible.

Three big events stand out for me in June:

1.  I caught a cold from the people I was training, so cycling was NOT easy.  I had to push myself to get in the saddle.  But I also felt better when riding, so it was a win/win

2.  I crossed yet another milestone in my cycling career, the odometer ticked over to 16000 miles!


I know, its silly to keep tracking this, but I like seeing the zeros and it helps keep me motivated.

3.  The last was the 100 ride 3 weeks before the Seattle to Portland.  I distinctly remember being dog tired and having a hard time finishing it, but I got it done!  Having to overcome that one mentally, as well as physically, helped me a lot in July.

July started with me cutting down on the miles, in preparation for the big ride.


The easing back is almost harder than the actual working out.  It just felt wrong NOT being in the saddle!

July 12th came, and with it being 97 degrees outside I crossed the finish line in Portland after a long 16 hour ride (STP Post).  I am done with that ride, but I will never forget it.



For a 4 days afterwards, I went to the ocean and let the body and mind recover, then I gave myself a full week + before I saddled up again.

I’m now back and consistently cycle commuting home.  I also got a 30 mile ride in last week, and plan maybe a 40 miler this Sunday.  The legs are feeling good, the right hand has healed, and I cam coming to terms with understanding the big ride goals for the year.  Now its time to use it to keep from getting flabby!

I’ll start thinking about next year come November and December, but I am happy with what I accomplished, 400 miles in just the organized rides I’ve done!

I was also able to sneak in a hike this month, reclaiming the Mountain part of Moutainstroh!


All in all, a pretty damn good 2 months!


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