Too hot vs. Too cold

Yes it’s that time again, even though the rest of the country is deals with much worse heat, we, here in Seattle, have been experiencing upper 80s and low 90s all summer.  Many of you would kill for temps like this, it would be a relief.

But for me, I just don’t do well in heat.  And in all honesty, I would rather ride in 45 degrees than 85.  Cold is just so much easier to deal with.

Now I know some people will think I am nuts.  Just the thought of cold makes them unhappy.  But in all honesty, it is much easier to stay warm when it’s cold, than it is to keep cool when it’s hot.

I overheard a conversation before the Chilly Hilly this year.  Someone was asking why he rode in the cold, and his reply was, “There’s no such thing as too cold, it’s actually a lack of layers!”

And the man was correct.  If its cold out, adding layers under comfy works perfectly!  Gloves, hat, fleece, windbreaker, all combined to keep you warm.


Shoot, add in a little activity and you will actually need less layers than you think.

Aside from layers there are other ways to stay warm.  A warm blanket and a hot beverage while sitting and reading a book on a cold day goes a long way.  Shoot, add wool socks, and we are talking almost sweating.

On the bed, if one blanket isn’t enough, just add more! Or, if you are lucky, snug up with that special someone under covers to keep each other warm.  There is a WHOLE lot less snugging during the hot summer months than in November.

There is no better place to sip wine than in front of fire-place or wood burning stove. so again, yet another advantage to cold over hot.  No sunburns, heat stroke, sweating through clothes…  Cold is SO much easier to deal with.

Now let’s talk hot.  I love shorts and sandals, but I wear both year round.




But as the temps rise, I lose the other layers.  This helps me stay comfortable up to about 75 or so, max.

Lately, though, I have been starting to feel like I did in Key West.

Thanks to for this picture

When the temps get too hot, there is nothing you can do, short of having air-conditioning to stay cool.  Shoot I could ride like this guy and still be too hot these last few days.

You can go to the ocean, it’s always cooler there, fresh breeze, fog, perfect with it gets ugly here.  But my boss frowns upon me for taking too much time off.  Something about work having to get done.

Cold drinks taste good, but trust me, I drink water and powered all day long, and no dice, still too hot!

A cool shower helps for about 5 minutes, but as soon as you dry….

Hell, it’s been dragging on long enough that I am honestly not looking forward to the bike commutes home this week.  I will do them, but not excited.

I know all rides can’t be 65 with a light tail wind both ways, but I really will NOT be sad to see the temps drop 15 degrees around here on a regular basis.  (I am sitting in front of the open door, getting a bit of a breeze while writing this…) Shoot if this keeps up, I may get us a local hotel room for a few days just to avoid the heat!

So go ahead, laugh at me, I freely admit I am a heat wuss….  I am not asking for days upon end of rain we will get later, but I think I am done with summer….






2 thoughts on “Too hot vs. Too cold

  1. I thought that picture looked familiar 🙂
    I’m much happier in hot weather than cold – up to a point. That point is around 26 or 27 degrees celsius, which is around 80-85 in old money. We’ve been having temperatures like that for the past few weeks or so, and I love it. It’s pretty much my ideal weather.

    1. When I reblogged your post about those riders you photos ended up in my media library, I hope you don’t mind, and I wanted to be sure to give you
      Credit 🙂 My kid sis in Peterborough is keeping me posted on how warm it’s getting over there. You are tougher than I am lady!

      Oh and thanks for the temp conversion. I know 0 is freezing, 100 is boiling and 10 is 50. Other than that I get lost… I am great at Km though!

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