Looking for the eye of the tiger

So, its been just over 3 weeks since the STP, when our intrepid hero braved 97 degree heat to cycle 204 miles.  I am happy to report that I have fully recovered from this ride, and the body parts that were hurting are now doing well again.

So physically I am raring to go, bring it on!  What’s next? YEAH!  Mentally though….

People ask me why I sign up for these rides every year.  It is honestly NOT what a normal person does.

Well, I tell them, first off I have never been normal.ask anyone.  But that isn’t the biggest reason.  The main reason I do, aside from the fact that I enjoy doing them, I enjoy the preparation for them and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I finish it, is to give me the incentive to work out.

When I have the big ride coming up, even months away, I know what I need to do to and how many miles I need to ride each weekend.  I make sure it happens.  Now I am not draconian about it, life, Michelle and the kids are more important than the bike.  However, if I miss a ride on a weekend I do my damnedest to make it up later.

After crossing the last big finish line of the year though



That motivation is gone.  That feeling of urgency kicking my ass in gear just isn’t there.  I am still riding my bike home 3 – 4 days a week, which is good.  In fact I just took a 5 minute break from the blog to get the bike  ready for tomorrow.  But last weekend is the prime example of a post goal weekend.

I DID walk 7.5 miles with Michelle on Saturday.  Michelle was pushing it, so trust me there was a decent workout there.  Which is good since we are walking a 10 K in a couple of weeks.  But Sunday I was supposed to ride a quick 40 while she went walking 5 miles with our friend Sandy.

She went walking, I sat on my butt.

I honestly tried to push myself out and get going.  I thought about doing an easy 30 or even just a fast 20, just get the legs pumping.  Instead I had breakfast and read a book.

I was ok with my decision Sunday, but for the last 2 days the 501s have been feeling tighter than they have been.  I know it could be just in my head, but I haven’t curbed my eating along with the decrease in exercise.  So then again, it could be the 501s ARE tighter.

Well today it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself.

First off, I signed up for the Boxing MMA core training course at work again.  The instructor leaves me exhausted at the end of each weekly session.  Work and vacations have kept me out for months, and he is going to make me PAY!  That will help me a lot!

Then tonight, instead of coming straight home, I stopped at the stairs in Seattle.  5 trips up equals 1500 steps, so add the 5 trips down and it was 3000 steps total.  It was toasty out there, and I worked up a sweat something fierce.  But damn you can’t beat the view from the top.





Sure beats the hell out of going to the gym.  I will try to get a ride in this weekend, but we have some family things that need to be done, so I will push it on the rides home from work, maximizing those workouts.  Maybe I will take the scenic route home one night next week and get in a 40 then…

Sometimes you just need to kick your own ass into gear, and I think today I took some steps (no pun intended) in the right direction!  I also know I can count on Michelle to help me get back into gear!

Most importantly today, I just felt good getting back on the stairs, listening to the 80s music on the phone, working up a sweat and feeling the legs move.  It put a smile on my face.



I’ll just try to keep doing more and keep it there!

One thought on “Looking for the eye of the tiger

  1. Mix it up, not just bike rides….walk, stairs, hike, boxing…be realistic, we are all getting older, even you! Go on to the next section of your trail in life. The track which is in front of you, is different from the one you are leaving behind because YOU are different now.

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