Star Stuff

Yep, I’ve admitted it before many times, I am a nerd.  There’s, no denying it.   Shoot back in the day when I taught high school and Jr High, I ever wore sweater vests.  My fashion sense has obviously changed since then

imageBut the nerdness is still there.  So much so, that today’s post was inspired by my 2014 Day at a Glance Star Trek calendar…

In my defense, I did NOT buy it myself, Michelle got it as a stocking stuffer for me.  I love it though, having been a Trek fan since the original series first aired.

Well today’s quote came from Mr. Spock.  It was

Every life comes to an end when time demands it. Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if that life was wasted.


I honestly believe that people are born, live their lives, and when they die they become fertilizer to help plants grow.  Anyone who has seen Disney’s “The Lion King” will remember the circle of life.

Because of this, I believe everyone should, shoot, in all honesty, everyone MUST, enjoy their lives, their today’s as much as possible.  Whether at home, at work, on the freeway or hell, even at a funeral, you should have as much fun as possible.

Editors Note:  Yes I said funeral.  More than once, I have found things to laugh at, or told a funny story of the person recently departed.  At my dad’s funeral it was EVERYTHING I could do not to bust a gut when my nephew and kid brother couldn’t get the music stand set up right and dropped the music itself.  My dad woulda flat-out guffawed if he could have.  He HATED events like that.

This is the number one reason I go out of my way to not only enjoy myself, but to make it more fun for those around me.  Each day at work, being one of the first people to the office, I leave the lights off.  I like working by the light of the computer screens.  However, each day, the lady 2 rows over shows up and turns on the lights.

Every day, in my best guttural, zombieish voice I yell “IT BURNS!!!!”  and every timeshe giggles.  I help start her day fun.  I’ve been told that the office is much more upbeat and fun since I’ve been back.

The Manchild and I have a blast.  When I am taking him home, I have the music cranked.  If Billy Idol comes on, we bellow it out “With A REBEL YELL, SHE CRIED MO MO MO…”  Better yet, if Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen comes on, we react the head banging scene from Wayne’s World with vigor.

Editors note:  Try it sometime in rush hour, and then sneak a peek in the rearview mirror.  More often than not, the people in the car behind you will know exactly what is going on!  Makes me laugh even more.

It’s because I want the most out of life (who wants to be bored when you see your life pass in front of you before you go) that I have bungie jumped, sky dived, zip lined and snorkeled.  It’s why I’ve climbed on mountains and rafted rivers.  And why I ride as much and as far as I can.

It’s also why I am not opposed to saying “No” to things.  I hate graduation ceremonies, weddings (except mine) and going out to lunch with people.  (I am NOT good at chatting). In fact, I woulda skipped my College graduation without a second thought  But mom was coming, and it was important and fun for her!  Read the part above where I want to help others have fun.

When I am old, and do look back from the rocking chair (or better yet still on the back of a bike) I am hoping to get this stupid half grin I have right now as I think back over my life so far.I’ve had a good time, and plan to continue to do so.  Luckily Michelle loves this about me and this part of me makes her happy.

Some people do wonder why I am ok with the thought of being worm food at the end though.  Why the lack of eternal life after I bite it doesn’t bother me.

Well for this, I revert back to the aforementioned nerdness factor.  I am also a HUGE fan of the new Cosmos.  Neil deGrasse Tyson is a science god.  I learned or relearned a lot this season.  The one thing that resonated the most?  Inside me is star stuff!  ‘

Yep!  Some of the atoms in me came from distant stars that died and exploded.  No lie, some tiny part of me was once part of something like this



For a kid who grew up hoping against hope that we would travel to the stars in my lifetime, knowing that the star stuff came to me gave me a very warm and satisfied feeling inside!

More importantly, the atoms that make up me WILL be around forever.  Parts of me could become part of the ocean or mountains that I love so much.  I could be part of a redwood or even part of a butterfly (I am not talking reincarnation, just recycling materials).  And yep, with the billions upon billions of atoms in me, a small few will likely even make it into space, and help create a star.

Until then though, I am sure as hell not going to waste this life.  So make note of it, no need for mourning WAY in the future if the bungie cord breaks with I am 98!  I will NOT have a wastes life!  Spock would be proud.


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