The Best ride in a long time!

OK, I will go on record here as giving you permission to remind me of this post in few months when I am complaining and looking like this


Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!
Gotta love my work shop glasses for dark and wet days!

But this morning we woke up to some serious puddles, and a world that had been rained on all night.  I walked outside and went “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Better yet, the clouds stayed with us all day long.  After 97 on Monday, and upper 80s yesterday, this camper was very happy to go for a walk at lunch to find it in the mid 60s.  The air was clear, the plants were drinking and our hero here was very happy.  Well at least with the weather.

Work on the other hand, was not making me happy.  Today was one of those “spin your wheels” kinda days.  Where Monday I was feeling great about a project I am working on, today it seemed like everything that could go wrong did.  Anyone I needed to talk to, was missing, and people who had signed off on certain things were now asking “Why does it say that?”

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!”  It didn’t take long for the peaceful easy feeling of this morning to leave.

Finally, though, it was time to ride home.  But, even though I prefer riding home to driving on the freeway, after work I wasn’t completely excited! The last few weeks have been harder than I prefer.  The dog days of summer are NOT easy to ride home in.  Hot, sun beating down, cranky people in cars and even on the bike.

Last week, even a tree just flat gave up along the trail.


The rides have seemed more like work outs than fun.  It hasn’t stopped me, but I haven’t been enjoying them as much.

So when I saddled up, I was expecting the same.  Being missile locked on the computer, I forgot it had been cooler today.  I rolled the bike outside, and suddenly, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” it was still cool.  Hell, it wasn’t even quite 70, it was overcast, no wind.  The PERFECT day for cycling.

A day when if you got warm, biking a little faster made the breeze cool enough to make you comfy again.  A day when it was daylight and easy to see LONG after the commute was done, but you aren’t blinded by the sun blazing at me.  A day when hitting the deepest shadows near the lake actually felt COLD for a split second.  (I can’t remember the last time (outside of the dairy section at Costco) I’ve felt cold since April or May!

In short, it was the perfect day to ride, and ride hard.  And I did!  I pushed it all along the trail.  And it seemed like everyone else was too.  More importantly, the drivers of cars I encountered seemed to be in a much better mood.  Hell, I think there was even more oxygen on the air since the plants got a good drink of water.

Without a doubt this was the best ride in a long time!  Tomorrow it will start warming up again, hopefully NOT to 97, and summer will make its return.

But for today, the ride home was exactly what I’ve come to count on it for.  Stress reliever, mind clearer, attitude adjuster and, most importantly, one of my favorite parts of the day!

Its days like these to refresh us, and views like this



That make Seattle a great place to be in the Summer.  Even on the HOT days! But my favorite kind of summer day is one like today.

Winter is coming!!

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