Scope Creep!

I am not sure how things like this happen, but suddenly Michelle and I are VERY busy over the next few weeks.  This weekend we have the Manchild (he and I are going to see Expendables 3 this weekend.) We also have the dreaded Block Party (we HATE that) on Saturday.

Next Thursday is a Wine offering party from one of our favorite wine makers, Ross Andrews.  Then the following week, we have the first WSU football game of the year (GO COUGS!).

After that, Labor weekend hits, and things get really busy.  A Dave Mathews Band concert at the Gorge in George, Washington.  Afterwards, we have a trip to the wine capital of Washington State, Walla Walla!  With all this going on, I’ve been thinking about our last trip to David Mathews. 

This concert was back in 2012.


When we go to this, we usually convoy with our friend Sue, who brings one friend or another to come with her.  This year it was Jen.  Each year we stop in a dinky little town called Cle Elum for Mexican food, then on to the hotel.

The night we went to this concert, I volunteered to be the designated driver.  We drove Sue’s Jeep, and did a little pre functioning out in the field they use as a parking lot.

We always head in early and check out the souvenir stands looking for cool stuff.  The gorge is one of those amphitheaters where people put down blankets, hang out in the grass and watch the concert.  We stacked out our spot, and went for a beer.

Now I am not a big DMB (Dave Mathews Band) fan, but I know some of the songs, and Michelle loves them, which makes them important to me as well.

On this particular night, we met a few other people in the parking lot that Sue knew, 2 ladies and a guy.  2 out of three of these ended up sitting with us at the concert,

Now, my job was to make sure the three ladies I rode with to the concert made it home safely.  They were my scope of responsibility.  And trust me, I was keeping an eye of them, cuz 2 outa three (and one was NOT Michelle) were drinking WAY too much,

Part way through the concert, though, I noticed the lady that Sue knew, was getting seriously sloshed! In fact, Michelle had to help her to the honey buckets so she didn’t fall over AND didn’t get lost!

After the trip to the restroom, I pulled the guy aside and said, “See those three ladies?” (Michelle, Sue and Jen)  “Those are my responsibility!  See that one (the lady he came with) She is yours!  She is not my responsibility!”  He looked at me a bit strangely, but nodded to let me know he understood!

In project lingo, taking on more than you agreed to is referred to as ‘Scope Creep’.  I have NO idea what this lady’s real name was, but in the annals of time I have named her just that: Scope Creep!  Since if I worried about her, my scope of responsibility would have grown!

Well like I said, Sue and her friend Jen were drinking hard.  Hard enough that Michelle had to hold Jen’s hair as she tossed her cookies into the bushes.  Once that happened I declared it time to leave!  Michelle and Sue rode herd on Jen, while I lead the way to the car using the head lamp to light the way!  I can only hope Scope Creep made it to her tent at the camp ground, but then again, she was beyond my scope of responsibility.

On the way back to the hotels, I learned Sue had NEVER used her cruise control, as she wanted to “always be in complete control of her vehicle….”  Yes I know, she is a little odd.  I kept it pegged at 71, and made it back safely.

It was a memorable night, and I am hoping that this year will be a bit less eventful.  But if not, I will make sure to tell everyone who I am in charge of, and forget the rest!

This kind of stuff NEVER happens at Jimmy Buffett concerts!


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