Anti-Social Valentes they call us!

You know how you can go day after day, and they all kinda merge together?  Shoot, even the weekend days can be like that.  One Saturday of errands, yard work, bike ride etc can meld into the next.  Not that we don’t enjoy our Saturdays!  But it takes a bit to make one stand out.  Today would be one of those

First off, Michelle and I were NOT 100% looking forward to today (at least from 4 – 7 PM). Two weeks ago, Marion, the little old lady that lives across the street asked us if we would be around this particular weekend.  Normally when she asks us that, it’s so we can feed her dogs while she goes on a church trip.

The dogs are a kick, and she is always willing to help us with the cats when we go away, so we are happy to help!  “Sure” we replied.  “Good!” she said, “Then this year you can make it the annual block party!”



Damn she suckered us!  Neither Michelle nor I are big on events with people we don’t know.  We are not small talkers, and aside from Marion, and Joe next door, we like our neighbors to be people you wave to as you drive by.  Or, worst case, to do the classic “Hey wanna mow my lawn when you are done with yours?”  (Chuckle chuckle).

In fact, in the past, when we have gotten the flier, we have quickly scheduled a weekend away…  This time, she hit us up in person first, and then handed us the flier.  DAMN!  Marion might be on to us and is NOT someone you can just say no to.

Luckily though, the gathering was NOT the only thing going on this weekend.

At the Mighty P, Michelle is in charge of this years school supply drive.  So last night, armed with $300 in donations we made a run to Target and filled the trunk!


This morning, Michelle had scheduled a 13 mile walk as part of her training for the half marathon.  After I dropped her off in Seattle, I took a quick detour to the office and put the supplies in the donation bin.  She loves littles, and buying school supplies, so it was a fun thing to do together.

I then headed home for a bit and tracked her on a smart phone app.  When she was about halfway, I went down to the Starbucks at the ending point to hang out.  I was able to do something I haven’t done in a long time.  I sat there, sipping coffee and read on my Kindle for an hour.  It was pretty damn relaxing!

When she was about a mile away, I bought her regular drink (Trenta 6 pump vanilla black Ice tea) and headed down the trail to her.  I spotted her pretty quickly and that chick was hauling ass still!  Remember, this lady has an autoimmune, arthritic like ailment, and after 12 miles she was darn near running!  VERY proud of her!

As promised, I took her straight to Diamond Knot brewing for breakfast afterwards.  YUM!!!

With the block party happening, and it was right across the street from us, I mowed the grass and raked up an area by the back door with a bunch of dead grass and leaves.  The bad part, I left the door open while doing so.  Suddenly I saw a damn mouse sized spider go running inside!  It was big enough to eat the cat!  Luckily, it was too big to hide and the vacuum was close….

As soon as I was done with everything, Michelle told me to get on the bike for a ride.  She knows I have been complaining about feeling flabby now that my big rides are done, so she kicked me out to do a fast 30.  Felt great!

When I got back, the block party had already started, and Michelle was there already.  She came and got me, and we headed over.  We talked to a few people, but mostly to each other, snacked a bit, and then tried to make our move to leave. But just as I thought we were clear…  DAMN! Cornered at the garbage can!

Yep, 15 more minutes of chatting with the older guy who rides the trike through the neighborhood with his wife walking beside him.  Years ago, he was in a BAD car accident, and in a coma for a while, which resulted in damage to the brain.  Chances are he won’t remember talking to me, but he really seemed to be having a good time chatting.

It’s the first time I’ve talked to him, but I love seeing the smile he has when he is pedaling.  He may not remember everything, but once on the bike, he remembers what it feels like to be young.  That makes me happy.

So all in all an eventful day, Manchild was able to miss the party by going to a buddy’s house, and all in all, we only lost an hour.

Next year though, we may have to plan something for EVERY weekend in August, whether it is true or not!

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