Winter is coming!

As I was pedaling home today, trying not to melt in the 80+ degree weather.  I started thinking about the changes in seasons that are around the corner and what needs to get done here soon.

Yep, winter is coming….

OK, maybe it’s strange to be thinking about that right now.  I’m digging the shirt sleeve bike rides (though a little cooler would be nice!) and the fact that it doesn’t get dark until later means I can take the scenic route home some nights and get a 40 mile ride in, while others are stuck in traffic.



But even with that, the signs are there that the seasons are changing.  Not that long ago, the sun helped wake us up before 500 AM.  Now its dark when we leave closer to 6 on the way to work.

Out back, we are getting infested with spiders.  No lie, in the late summer and early fall, each night they build webs EVERYwhere.  I sometimes walk out the back door swinging a broom to keep from walking into a web.  I’ve only been bitten once, but it took FOREVER to go away.  This will continue to get worse until we get our heavy rains or some frost.  That won’t happen till October.

WSU has already started, and Michelle and I are still gathering school supplies for the school supply drive.  Meanwhile my teacher friends on Facebook and blogger buddies are lamenting the end of the summer.

In the garden, the tomatoes are starting to turn, so far though, only one at a time


Shoot I even heard pumpkin spice lattes are coming out early at Starbucks!

So all of this leads to the most important part of winter preparation.  Our little house is great, but the furnace aint.  It was set up to heat just two rooms.  We rely on our wood burning stove instead.  Its less expensive, and works during those major storms when the power is out.

But, to use the stove, two things have to happen.  First I need to move what remains of last years big ass pile of wood from the back to the front.


So I have room for the new wood.  We doubled our normal amount last year, and we have a LOT left over.  This is good as we will only need one cord this year.

Which leads to the second piece that needs to be done:  Getting the wood delivered.  I spent the last hour perusing Craigslist looking for decent deals and weeding out the ones that look like banjos are playing in the back ground.

We have learned over the years that for some reason firewood people do NOT call me back.  So Michelle is in charge of contacting them (Must be the sexy voice) they ALWAYS call her!  We will set up a time in the next couple weeks to have it dropped off.

Whoops, I was wrong three things need to happen!!  Once delivered it must be stacked!!  I like to get that done quickly before the rains come.


But, once done, during the coldest days we can walk around in shorts and barefoot in the house, as it gets toasty warm in here!  AND, might I say, it is much more romantic to sip wine in front of a fire than a furnace!

That’s it for tonight!  Time to get out there and start working.  Winter is coming, and its time for me to get off my lazy ass!


Quick update. Found this big fella in the wheel barrow after the 3rd load



9 thoughts on “Winter is coming!

  1. I’ll be honest with ya’, Tony…it wasn’t easy clicking through to read a blog post entitled “Winter is coming!” I’m just not ready for it yet. You go ahead and collect your firewood and shy away all the spiders (dang, that’s an ugly one in the wheelbarrow!). As for me, I’m just gonna hang out here in summer for a bit longer and happily procrastinate. 🙂

  2. Ugh, the spiders are so bad right now one chased me out of my house! 🙁 Really… it was as big as my hand and I waited outside until my husband/spider killer came home. Slightly embarrassing but true. 🙂

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