Well it ended ok….

So I have to tell ya, today was NOT one of my better days.  Work has been tough lately with the project I am on. It has me grouchy enough that Rocky, our cafeteria guy, asked me Tuesday why I didn’t whistle any more as I walked through the lunch room.  NOT a good sign.  And today was not good at all…

Bur let’s start from the beginning….

Today started with  7 AM dentist appointment.  Now someday I will explain how much I dislike going to the dentist and why, but for now take my word for it.  I threw the bike on the back of the car and had Michelle drop me at a Starbucks that was luckily very close by the dentist office.

OK, who am I kidding, this is Seattle, there is always a Starbucks close by any place you go!.

Today was only a cleaning, and went quickly, but it is just not my favorite thing to do.  Worse yet, they did NOT have freshly baked cookies to take with me at the end of my appointment like normal….  (yes sometimes I AM 5)

It was a great morning to ride to work though, a quick six miles in 55 degree weather, shoot I didn’t even break a sweat!

This afternoon though was a walk through on the class I am developing and  teaching next month.  it did NOT go well!  Too much material, too little time to deliver it, and neither can be changed.  I was CRANKY!

Editors note:  I WILL get it done and perfect.  I always do.  But this one is a rough one and it is taking its toll!

The good news though, is that it never got hot today, and the bike was waiting for me after work.  Even knowing I had to bring home the lap top did not take away from a great commute.  70 degrees, hard tail wind, and a lot of nervous energy.  I pushed it hard and it felt good. I won’t say I got to whistling mode, but I was smiling soon after hitting the trail!

Even better, a mile from the point I leave the trail there was the very hot chick with great legs ahead of me!  I slowed down and got her number.  Later she even sent me her phone number and a photo! Yep, bikes are babe magnets!!



OK, yep you guessed it, it was my gorgeous wife doing a 4 mile walk with a friend of her’s!  (She does have great legs though!) I stopped for a kiss and kept going.  Tell me a car commuter can ever do the same?

When she got home, it turned out her day was rough as well.  So instead of cooking, we walked down to Diamond Knot Brew Pub for dinner and an adult beverage or two.  We had a chance to relax, chat, and someone else did the dishes!

I got some work done when I got home after dinner, but I soon hit the point where I was dead in the water (the HOW TO steps were broken!  I tried it, and it didn’t work!)

But overall, even though the beginning and middle of the day sucked, the great bike ride followed by dinner with my lady-love made it a pretty damn good day overall!

Tomorrow will be a new day, but there is already wine scheduled for after work!


And any day that ends with wine can NOT be a bad day….

This gives me something to look forward to!

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