A bit of a different Saturday!

We love our Saturdays normally.  Usually, we sleep in, then Michelle eventually turns on NPR, to which we doze in and out of consciousness to, and we finally get out of bed when one of us in hungry.  Yep, normally Saturday morning is our lazy time.

Not today….

Today was the Seattle Marathon 10 K run and walk!  Which got us down to Seattle pretty early.





The run/walk started at Gasworks park, an abandoned Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant.  Long ago, this site was used to turn coal into gas for gas lights.  It has since become of the favorite parks in Seattle


Now I have a bad habit when it comes to events.  I want to get there EARLY so I get a place to park, and have time to relax.  My old work wife Angie used to flip me crap about this!  Well today, was no exception, we were there over an hour early (but we got a great parking spot!)

Personally I found it very entertaining watching the near accidents and cranky people who came in closer to the start time and didn’t find a place to park, but that’s just me.  We did run into our dear friend Kaye though, who was there for her weekly run.  She had no idea what was going on with all the people being there.  It was fun to run into her!

We eventually moseyed  to the starting area and had time to take the pictures I shared.  I also feel the need to share the next one.  It never fails, no matter what the event is, the lady’s room is back up for miles, while the mens room has no line at all



The event started at 8 AM sharp and Michelle started us on a very brisk pace.  I’d like to go  on record here.  I may be able to ride 200 miles in a day, and 40 miles without breathing hard, but when it comes to walking, that lady kicked my tush!  It was everything I could do to keep up with her!

Then, she decided to run the last half mile.  I stayed with her on pure guts and stubbornness and we crossed the finish line (to quite a few shouts of”GO COUGS!”) after 1:33:00  not bad!  We ran the last bit as there were two ladies that would run for 30 feet each time we caught up to them.  For some reason they didn’t want to let us pass.  When we ran we left them in the dust!

Afterwards, we were starving!  Hell I was flat HANGRY!  Michelle took us to Diamond Knot Brewery for breakfast!  I was MUCH happier!

When we got home, Michelle took a nap and I got finally got off my rear and got the bike lubed and cleaned.  It had been WAY too long!

When Michelle got up, we pondered the rest of the day.  Originally we were going to go into Seattle and take a ferry ride across the sound for dinner.


Sadly traffic into town sucked, so we decided to go wine tasting instead.  Damned if traffic wasn’t even worse over there!  We ended up having to poach a parking spot from another winery, and go in to have a glass just to throw off the parking lot security guard! (

When he wasn’t looking though, we snuck across the street to our favorite place, Dusted Valley. We’re kinda sneaky that way!)



We hung out there for quite a while, chatted with the ladies and just relaxed.

All in all an eventful and productive day!  The legs are sore and the feet tender, but I enjoyed it very much!

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