Damn I needed that!

Folks, I do my best to give my wife credit for everything she does,  Michelle is amazing.  She knows I have been down on myself for not riding much, and not going on rides on the weekends.  So when I mentioned I was kinda thinking of taking the scenic route home from work, she said “GO! Have fun!”

So I did!

My scenic route leaves work and goes over the I-90 bridge to the eastside of the lake.


Then up through Bellevue and Kirkland then back along the Burke Gilman trail to home.  Depending on how far I go into Woodinville, this can run from 35 – 40 miles total.  A decent stretch of the legs.  There are also some hills and some traffic, but nothing too major.

This time though, I was on a mission. Since tomorrow is a the WSU Coug game in Seattle, there is a barge with a WSU helmet floating around the Seattle area.  Trouble is, unlike most cities we have quite a few bodies of water.  Puget Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington…  All are big….

I had read it was in the Fremont area, so I detoured a few miles out-of-the-way in search of.  Sadly I got well past Fremont, and there was nothing to be seen.  DAMN!  Oh well, nothing else to do but head home.

I debated skipping the scenic route but kicked myself in the butt and got going.  As I got close to the bridge I saw this in the distance (maximum zoom here)

There it was, along the I – 90 bridge I was going to cross!  But it looked like it was going to leave and I was a MILE from the bridge (which was all uphill to get there) then a mile across the lake.)  I was mad at myself, thinking that if I had just come straight this way I wouldn’t have missed it!

“Well,” said I, “too late.”  Yeah my head thought that, but my legs said “OH HELL NO!”  I was hammering that mile steep hill like it was no ones business! I’ve always been a good climber, and today I proved it.

But when I go to the top I saw this!



It wasn’t leaving, it was turning around,  Turns out it was running back and forth along the bridge.  Oh Hell YEAH!  OK I know its silly, but you gotta know some background.  The other Washington school sits on the shores of this lake, they think they own it.  For us to have this on their lake has we almost as pumped up as the big game tomorrow!

So I hammered the down hill getting to the boat as fast as I could!  In doing so I was able to get these!




I have no idea who came up with this idea, but I owe that man a beer!

I wanted to commemorate myself as being there, but it took a couple of times.  My selfie skills are NOT the best!



But I finally got it!  well kinda….



My legs were a bit tuckered after hammering the hill, but I headed out from there.  It was flat hot outside, easily in the mid 80s.  I got across the lake, through Bellevue and then saw a traffic back up for miles.

Well for cars it was for miles, the shoulder is for bikes on this road, and I passed 75 cars before I lost count.  Many were NOT happy me.  One yelled at me to get off the road, and I just waved as I flew past her!

Kirkland was ever worse!  I had a bike lane and had no issues at all.  People were yelling, flipping each other off, honking horns, and I just breezed by…  It is good to be a bike some days!  You know traffic is bad when I am passing cars on a long UPHILL!!

The rest of the ride was easy, but I was getting hungry!  I had planned to hit a hotdog stand  I thought would be set up, but no dice it wasn’t there.  I was forced to stop at the 192nd Brew pub just off the bike trail.  It is in the shade and all outdoor seating!





I ordered an IPA and a meatloaf Sandwich.



The beer was hitting the spot, but they were mobbed, and the sandwich was taking forever.  I considered just saying screw it and leaving when it showed up…

I was too hungry to take a pic, but that bacon infused meatloaf was amazing!!! Suffice it to say I inhaled it! I am very glad I did NOT give up.

While I was waiting, the sun went down enough to cool off the area.  The last 5 miles were perfect!

All in all, 45 miles and lotsa memories!  This is why I ride and damn I need that!

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