A new surprise in the neighborhood

Folks, my wife is a planner. She is always looking ahead, next week, next month, next year, and farther out.  (It’s a damn good thing, I am lucky to plan ahead enough to see if my mom wants to feed the Manchild and I on any given Tuesday!)

Given this, and the fact that this is a year of milestone birthday for her, she has a list of things that she wants to get done in the year leading up to and after the birthday.  Some are easy: riding the big ferris wheel in Seattle was done New Years day this year.






Others, like the one that was fulfilled yesterday took a LOT more work… Continue reading “A new surprise in the neighborhood”

A good Hubby?

Well yall, last week I posted about Michelle’s birthday, it was a milestone one (with a zero at the end) so it was very important. I checked with her Sunday evening, after all had left and the house was quiet (and the Seahawks won!) to see how it went.  She said it was PERFECT!  And since then, on the blog and other places I’ve gotten some great reviews on being a good hubby.  But trust me, I had help…. Continue reading “A good Hubby?”

Cotton Kills!

During my mountain climbing years, I learned many things.  How to self-arrest and stop my butt from sliding off the side of a mountain.  How to rest step my way up a 45 degree slope without stopping.  How to put on and take off a 40+ lb back and NOT pull a muscle doing so.

However, the most important thing I learned, bar none, was the value of the right clothing.  Any good outdoorsman knows the phrase: Cotton Kills!  This means, if you are in the wilderness, and your cotton shirt and jeans get wet, it will not dry, suck the heat right out of you, and, if cold enough, bring on hypothermia.  I was thinking of this lesson just tonight… Continue reading “Cotton Kills!”

Was it the last ride of Summer or first ride of Autumn?

Everyone who knows me in real live life (or even on Facebook) has heard me complaining about how hot it has been this summer.  I like Seattle for its year round cycling weather (as long  as you don’t mind getting wet) but its been over 80 entirely too much this summer!  I am very much looking forward for the cooler weather of Autumn!

But I don’t like everything about the new season… Continue reading “Was it the last ride of Summer or first ride of Autumn?”

Book Review: Two Wheels North by Evelyn McDaniel Gibb

This was a bit of a unique book for me.  First off, it was a book, NOT an eBook.  I have a very few authors that I still read in paper, since nowadays I prefer the ease and convenience of a Kindle.  However, this one didn’t come as an eBook.  I was intrigued enough by the subject to buy it though, as it was about 2 kids, fresh out of high school, who rode bikes from Santa Rosa California to Seattle WA.

Yes, I know people ride between CA and WA everyday.  My friend Sarah did it in stellar form this summer.  Oh, did I forget to mention this was in 1909…. Continue reading “Book Review: Two Wheels North by Evelyn McDaniel Gibb”