A busy few days!

Wow!  One of the reasons I blog almost every day is to make sure I don’t forget anything.  Well that, and I enjoy it a lot.  Truth be told though, most of the time, skipping 3 days wouldn’t be a big deal.  However, this was a busy Labor Day weekend for us! There has been a lot going on from Thursday night up to and until me sitting in my chair, sipping wine on Sunday.  It’s a good thing tomorrow is a holiday, I need a rest.

Let me see if I can fill you in

Thursday night was The Washington State Cougars vs. Rutgers football game in Seattle!  For that night, the downtown area around the stadium is taken over by Cougars as far as the eye can see!


Some of them are cuter than others. (Especially wearing the foam head)

imageWell COUGS and one lonely guy wearing purple, who clearly made a wrong turn somewhere


We use this game every year as an excuse to gather, Dave, Scott, and I.  This time I was lucky enough to have Michelle come along, Scott had his lovely wife Jill and brother (also a good buddy of mine) Grant  We also brought Stu, who got to see his daughter play the half time show in the Cougar Marching Band.


Dave brought his daughters Pete and George who stole the evening.


They yelled (OK screamed a piercing high-pitched wail that could knock out a mastodon) on every play and had a blast!  Why are they named Pete and George?  Well truly they are Sammie and Jessie.  Clearly twins.  And when they were younger, there was NO way I could tell the difference.  So I started calling the Pete and George.  As in “You are Pete right?” “NO, I’m Sammie!”  “Are you sure you aren’t George?” And they’d laugh!  I would then, for a second know who was who…

Michelle and I met up with everyone to have a beer and catch up some.  We were the first to leave, as we wanted to find Michelle’s ex-Brother in Law.  We weren’t gone too long when we got a panicked call “DO you have an EXTRA ticket?”  Scott bought all the tickets for the game, but ended up one short somehow!  (We didn’t have it!)  Little did I know this would be become a trend for the weekend (but let’s NOT get ahead of ourselves! (He found it, but not before Stu found a free and BETTER ticket)

The game was fun, clear up and until we Coug’d it (Which means Snatch defeat from the teeth of victory!) right at the end.  We lost 41 – 38.  Suck ass!  This was a late game, and it got out about 1040 PM.  Michelle and I still decided to walk back to the Mighty P about 3 miles away.  Many of our group thought we were nuts walking alone at that time downtown, but it was a perfect night, and we had no issues.

The next morning was the start of the road trip!  We were heading to the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA (Yep we really do have a place called George) to see the Dave Matthews Band.  We met up with our friend Sue in Cle Elum for lunch of GOOD Mexican food, then headed east.

At a rest stop outside of town we did learn some valuable information.  I don’t think I will forget this.  Yep only in Eastern Washington.


Michelle and I decided to pull off at a place we’d seen dozens of times, but never stopped.  Wild Horse Monument, just off the freeway.



It really was pretty cool, and next time I will hike to the top of the hill.

We got to the hotel, checked in, I went to grab some liquids at the store and Michelle called to tell me “Our tickets to the concert are on the fridge at home!”  Yep we forgot them…

But, thanks to the perseverance of Sue, we ended up replacing them both for $20.

We all hung out, including our new buddy, the COUG Gnome, who will be traveling with us a lot!


imageWe tried top get him a ticket, but no dice….


Now I am not a big Dave Matthews Band fan.  My main role is to enjoy the songs I know, play sherpa with the pack and blankets, and be designated driver.  I will say though, this is one helluva place to see a concert.



image image


Oh and Dave Matthews was there as well.


At the end, with help of my trusty headlamp, I got both ladies back to the SUV, then Sue safely to her tent and us back to our hotel room.

Saturday, we woke up and headed Southeast to Walla Walla for some wine tasting andrelaxing.  We must have finally used up our bad karma on the tickets, as we pulled into town and got parking right on main street.  (Turns out we just missed the Frontier Days parade (whew!  Hate parades) and the no parking signs came down just as we got there!)

We spent the afternoon Michelle, the COUG Gnome and I hitting up a few different places.











We had a blast, and since C G doesn’t talk much, Michelle and I relaxed, sipped and just spent time together.  It’s a been a busy few weeks and we needed it!

After a great breakfast at Walla Walla’s Maple Counter Cafe, we were heading home, but the fun had not stopped!

Outside of Prosser, WA we stopped at Chandlers Reach winery.



Two years ago or so with our friends Stu and Katie, I saw my first black widow spider here.  I wish I could find the picture.  We also really liked the wine.  When we stopped this time, this is what we found!


I didn’t even know we HAD praying mantis in Washington state!  I sat and looked at him for quite a while.

The wine was good too!



Breakfast finally wore off as we made it over the mountains to this side.  One of the first towns you hit is Isaaquah, and there is the Isaaquah Brew House!  A Rogue Nation establishment.







The French Dip was perfect and the Brutal IPA hit the spot!  YUM!

We ended our weekend adventure by walking through the salmon hatchery next door to the brew pub, and watching salmon swimming up Issaquah creek to spawn.


I couldn’t get a shot of them leaping the falls.  I kept missing them

All is all, a great weekend.  The best part is we have one more day to sleep in and get the weekly errands done.  It was a good way to show out August and now its time to welcome September.



3 thoughts on “A busy few days!

  1. What a packed weekend! Jealous that you got to see the DMB! Oh, and I love the sign about the pee bottles–I’ve seen SO MANY pee bottles on the side of the roads when I’ve toured!

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