Racking up the Miles: August 2014

it is really hard to believe we are in September!  But sure enough, last night it was dark by 8:30, tomorrow they are calling for some rain.  The tomatoes are ripening, the firewood will be delivered tomorrow and it just feels more refreshing out there!

It’s also time to recap the month of miles for August…

This was a bit of the strange month for me.  I took a second to look back over my posts for the month, and I think there are honestly fewer in August than any month since I started this game.  Then when I dug deeper, very few of them were about cycling.  Which reflects a lot about the month in general.

Early on I lamented about the eye of the tiger being missing.  With my crossing of the finish line at the STP in July


I was having a hard time getting my butt back in the saddle.  With no more big rides coming up, and other stuff to do, it was hard to get be to do anything but ride home from work.  Just didn’t have it in me.

We did do other things though.  Michelle and I did our 10 K together, which was fun.  That girl had me struggling to keep up with her.  We also had our roof top wine tasting image

As well as watching the Blue Angels fly near the office.


And anyone who read yesterday’s post knows we had a great time together over Labor Weekend.  It was a fun month,

Michelle did work hard, though, to get me on the roos.  She encouraged me more than once to ride the long way home, thereby getting some miles in.  It’s fun doing this, if for no other reason, I can look at all the cars stuck in traffic.



You know, if only 10% would bike instead,everyone’s commute would be better.  I am hear to tell you, anything under 20 miles one way is very doable!

I also got to see the Tug boat towing the Cougar Helmet


So with a couple of these long rides after work, he bike commutes home, and maybe another ride or two this month, I was able to do 314 miles.  Nothing to write home about, but better than I thought it would be when I check the mileage.

September is shaping up to be busy, with some traveling to Spokane for teaching as well. This means I better darn well get my butt in gear on the weekends and ride when I can.

Thanks for dropping by.

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