Feels like fall!

Ok I know., When it comes to the weather I have been a complainer lately.  “It’s too hot!”  “I’m Melting!  “I’m tired of 80 degrees!”  Yep, Broken Record Valente they call me! I have no idea how I would survive where it REALLY got hot.

Today though, was different….

The first thing I noticed this morning was that it was still dark outside when we woke up!  Yesterday mind you, we slept in until 9 AM, but today we had to be up a little after 5.  Usually,  this time of year, the light is starting to stream into the room.  Usually that is, but not today.

When I looked outside, it was cloudy.  No chance for the sun to show itself.  When we walked out to the car, I took a deep breath and sighed.  Cool, refreshing, ahhhhhh.

During the day it got better.  My lunchtime walk came around, and the clouds hadn’t parted yet.  In fact, it looked like rain (The radio had forecasted rain sometime today).  The walk was the best I’ve had in weeks.  I didn’t come back sweaty, hot, or uncomfortable. It was the perfect day for the walk, with the temps in the mid 60s!  If I had more time, I woulda walked for another hour.

I looked outside at 2:30, and the cars had the windshield wipers on.  I thought to myself, “I am damn glad I grabbed the rain gear!” But by the time I was ready to go, it had stopped.

It was the perfect cycling day!  Warm enough not to wear a jacket, yet chilly enough to make you wonder if you should.  Temps like that let you push it hard, but instead of feeling drained due to the heat, you feel more and more invigorated.  I could feel myself smiling as the ride went on.

But the temperature was the only good thing.  For most of the ride home, I had one helluva tail wind as well.  I was flying down the trail.  It was the kind of ride that makes one remember why we pedal as much as we do.  No cares, no worries, minimal effort. perfect! A ride like today is the closest I will ever come to riding a magic carpet.

I was also reminded how much I like riding in the early fall (even though yes it is technically summer for a couple more weeks, after Labor Day is Fall to me).  There are fewer bugs, fewer people on the trail, and the local college that I ride through hasn’t started yet.  I feel like I own the trail!  Add to it the cooler weather, and I feel the eye of the tiger coming back I WANT to ride!

I will say I did get very lucky though.  An hour after I got home, the skies opened up and we got hit with a gully washer!  With or without rain gear, I would have been soaked if I had been out in that storm.  I will get hit by rain someday soon, but, at least today, I was dry as a tater chip!

The day wasn’t quite over though.  We had the yearly load of firewood being delivered this evening.  We use a wood burning stove as our primary heat source.  As I’ve said in the past, it is much cheaper that electricity or gas, and much more fun to sip wine in front of than a furnace.

Daryl showed up with the dump truck right on time, and now, sitting in the back yard is this:

image It’s a little over a cord of mixed fir and maple.  Over the next few days, my trusty wheel barrow and I will moving these to the wood pile and getting it stacked.  I should be done by Saturday, and then we will be ready for winter to hit!

Bring it on!!

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