A good way to end a good weekend

Well folks, here is a first for me.  I have gone two weekends in a row WITHOUT riding the bike!  Shocking?  Yes I know!  I gotta tell you though, I was busier than hell this weekend!

The Manchild was up this weekend, but nope, he was NOT the reason I was busy.  In fact, he has been easy!  You see,  it was life in general that kept me busy…

Where to start, where to start.  Well, lets go with Friday.  My COUGS were on TV, playing Nevada.  Nevada is a lower tier team, so this should let them redeem themselves from the pain of last week!

Yeah, they should have…

It was NOT going well, and I was getting annoyed with both my team and the ESPN announcers when Manchild child announced he had forgotten some crucial items for his gaming tournament this weekend.  OK decision time.  I could:

1) Not worry about it and keep watching my team self destruct, or
2) Drive 70 miles round trip and listen to the game on the radio with at least the home announcers.


Yeah, we lost, but I was in a better mood after driving and hearing the radio instead…

Saturday was a different deal entirely.  Michelle wanted to walk 8 miles, so I dropped her off and she started walking home.  I got to relax a bit at Starbucks waiting for her.

Afterwards, though, it was time to go to work.

Manchild dropped at tournament, CHECK!

Mow the grass, CHECK!

Trim the tree that is encroaching into the road, CHECK!

And then the call came, our new fridge was to be delivered.  Our old one, for some reason, had the door stop sealing closed.  A new one was ordered, and as soon as they called, all items had to be moved from fridge to cooler!

The men showed, I turned off the water to the ice maker, and the shutoff valve proceeded to spray water all over…..

Editors note:  I HATE plumbing.  I will mess with electricity all day, but if I touch a pipe it leaks, FOREVER!

So we call the plumber.  Now for the record, our neighbor is a plumber, but I will NOT bug the man on his day off.  HELL, no one comes to me on Sunday to ask to teach a class…..

Well, plumber Dan show’s up, grabs a pair of my pliers off the counter, and gives it a hard twist, and… No more leak.  YEP, if you are curious I did feel like a moron.  It was  a small valve and I was worried about breaking it….

Well he hooked up the fridge, turned it back on, and fiddled some to make me feel good.  At least he only charged us $75.  Michelle is taking care of that, so I took her to dinner.  I needed it by then!

Today, Sunday!  Day of rest!!  OH HELL NO!

Michelle walked 5 miles with her friend Sandy, while I went to Safeway to FILL the new fridge.  We then hit Costco, together.

Next, we took the Mom-in-low to a new assisted living facility to check out an apartment.  She likes it, so we will be moving soon!  It’s a MUCH nicer place, and quieter.  She will be happier.

The afternoon was wood stacking time!  Usually I am done within 2 days of it being delivered, but I’ve been slacking this time.  I got over half of it done today, I hope to get more tomorrow!  I did succeed is smacking my head a good one while doing it!  I’ll be explaining a small divot in my forehead tomorrow!

But, things turned around some this evening when Manchild and I went to the movies.  If you are a Sci Fi, Comic book, or gaming geek, go see “Guardians of the Galaxy!” (I am Groot!)  We laughed hard and the 2 hour movie seemed to fly by!

It’s fun having a buddy to see the same movies I want to see.  Manchild and I have the same taste.  Either he is VERY mature for his age (16) or…..

Finally, home, relaxing a bit after harvesting tomatoes, and I look outside to see this.

IMG_1180 What better way to end a science fiction movie night than to have a close up of the moon!  The point and shoot did a great job on this!

So, by the time this publishes, I will already had drug my tired but out of bed and be at work, but I will say I got a lot done these last few days!

The bike is ready to go though, and I will ride hard home!  Next weekend I will try to get out for a least a few hours!

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