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I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging dry spell lately.  I think being busy with real life stuff, and therefore being off the bike more than I have in years, has resulted in a lot lest saddle time.  Now this may not seem like a big deal, but my best thinking time, be it for bloggage or work projects, comes when I am sitting and pedaling the bike!  Makes me wonder where exactly my brains really are….

However, yesterday, why taking the Mom-in-law in search of a new recliner, I discovered a new place that finally jarred my head in gear!  It made me realize, at least up here in Seattle, we have actively embraced the Cycling Culture!

Before I tell you what I found, I should probably explain what I mean by Cycling Culture.  There might be a real definition out there somewhere, I am going off what I made up just thinking about this post.

Cycling Culture means that those of us on two wheels are no longer considered nuts, or on the fringe of modern society.  Instead of being complained about, threatened, or at best tolerated; society realizes that not only are we here to stay, but in fact, are someone to search out as customers!

We have money to spend since we don’t have to buy as much gas, we need less parking, and (yes I might be biased) for the most part, we are pretty darn friendly and fun to have around!

This isn’t a completely new revelation.  Some places, such as my favorite winery, Dusted Valley have welcomed cyclists for years!

imageTheir parking situation is atrocious!  But with some forethought, panniers and bubble wrap, I can easily pick up my 6 bottle minimum requirement twice a year, and never have to worry about cars.  Cycling and wine tasting very much go together!

Things are getting more and more supportive for my 2 wheeled brethren and I though!  We have roads with signs like this.

right of way We are getting more in the way of road work to support us. Like those bike symbols on the streets at intersections.


It allows a bike to set off the sensor to change the traffic light to green.  We don’t have to go and push the cross walk signal anymore.

My office, and others in and around Seattle go out of their way to make sure it’s as easy as possible for people to cycle to work.  Showers, indoor bike parking, lockers, hell the Mighty P even wrote about me in the monthly Wellness letter.  Cyclists are healthier, happier, need less parking and are better for the medical insurance premium.  OH, and we are happier people and fun to have around!

More and more, people are realizing that making it simpler for cyclists can make it easier for everyone.  How so?  Well, I HATE giving any kudos to that college in Seattle.  But as a cyclist, I can help but love this!



Someone, I am thinking it was a cyclist, finally realized that their stadium is VERY easily accessible via the Burke Gilman trail (Just across a sky bridge!)  Giving us a safe place to park the bikes will do wonders for 2 wheeled fans.  No exaggeration.  If I ever drive there for a game, I would show up and park, somewhere, 5 hours early.  Traffic is horrendous, the closer it gets to kick off.

On a bike though, I could easily get there 15 minutes before kickoff.  No traffic, no need to park, and then get out just as easily!  More places need to take on this idea!

Now, finally we come to what I found yesterday.  Bikes aren’t just tolerated, they are being used to draw in people!





This was right next to the furniture store.  I saw this and immediately knew it was time for a new date night place for Michelle and I!  Hell, I hadn’t even looked at the menu when I decided this.  Anyone who loves cycling this much will get my business any day.  (Michelle gives the menu a HUGE thumbs up!  This is in Bothell.)

Much like the 192 Brew pub



With a special gate right off the trail



And plenty of bike parking! They cater to bikes, from coffee and lattes early morning to bear and great food later!  Perfect place at the perfect spot!

I feel sorry for those who tell me they live in bike unfriendly towns.  Forcing people to drive everywhere and fight for limited parking seems very short-sighted to me.

Plus, face it, we are just a helluva lot of fun to have around!  Makes me glad to live in the Northwest!

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  1. So glad to hear about this new restaurant. I “heart” the cycling culture in the pacific northwest! And it’s getting better and better every day!

    P.S. A “blogging dry spell” seems to be in the air. I miss your daily posts!

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