Interesting night in Spokane

I have spent many a night in Spokane over the last 5 years or so.  Before I left the Mighty P, and when I was with the Holy P, I was sent over here to train folks in our eastern Washington offices.  Now that I am back with the Mighty P, this is my 3rd trip over here to do the same. I would say, though, this evening was different from the norm….

Our current Spokane office is right downtown Spokane.  It is far from the nicest neck of the woods.  The running joke is that you can get the controlled substance of your choice, buy some female companionship, and adopt any number of homeless folks as you walk from the parking lot to the office.

I am happy to say we are moving early next year to a much nicer neighborhood!

Over the years I have found a number of good places to eat in town, and I always stay where I can walk to any of them.  (My favorite trip was when I found a place that had private rooms to watch the Walking Dead on Sundays.)  Parking sucks around here, but feet are much easier!

Once, on the way to a place to eat, I passed a bar just as a guy came walking out.  He looked at me, and in a drunken slur said, “Do you believe a man has the right to stand up for what he believes in???”

Well, I kicked the speed of the walk up a notch, and replied, “Yep, sure do!” as I reached the corner.  As I created more distance, I heard him shout, “HEY, Get back here and talk to me!!”  Yeah, not gonna happen!  I made sure to take a different route back to the hotel.

Well today was a even more interesting.  I was first hanging out in the Apple Store (Ooooo BIG fun) due to being clumsy the day before.


While I was sitting there, reading the iPad Kindle, an alarm went off near the door.  I looked up, and there was a guy running out the door after having grabbed 2 iPhones.  OK, I say run, but he sure didn’t look like he was going that fast.  In fact, he was going slow enough that 3 people got the guys license plate number, and one got his photo.

The funny part is the guys working there were laughing at him for stealing iPhone 5s a couple of days before the 6s came out…

Well, I got the phone fixed, and I was starving, so I went to the Italian Kitchen for some GOOD pasta!

I had been sitting there for about 10 minutes, when this skinny little guy came in and started talking to the hostess.  He looked scared to death.  Next thing I knew all the servers were surrounding him and steering him to a sitting area.  He was keeping his head down below the window, while the ladies kept looking outside.

Next thing I knew, they were hustling the guy to the back door through the kitchen, him darn near crawling across the floor he was staying so low.  I kept looking out the window to see what was out there, but couldn’t see anyone. nor were the servers answering any questions.  I kept an extra wary eye out when I left, I didn’t see anything or anyone, but  I’m still curious….

Then, when typing this, I met a guy whose job is to design manure ponds for giant cattle ranches, luckily I was NOT sitting down wind from him!!

I enjoy the people I teach over here.  Some I have known for years, and others I have raised from pups on their first day with the company.  That being said, I miss waking up in my own bed sleeping next to my wife.  I will say, though, things like I saw tonight NEVER happen when she I an I walk to the local pub!

I am ready to fly home tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


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