The Birthday Girl’s Weekend

Folks it has been a VERY long and VERY fun weekend, even with a bit a bad stuff mixed in.  This weekend was a milestone birthday for my gorgeous bride, and it was important to me that it was memorable! Looking back as I write this, I think it was!

First off, the present.  Michelle is amazing.  She really doesn’t want anything.  And she woulda been happy with a card, a hug, a big kiss and to know I loved her.  (She did get all of these!) I wanted her to have more though!

In July, while gearing up for the STP, I called the jeweler that created her engagement ring.  It is gorgeous, and custom-made, but after discussing it before the wedding, she told me “No I don’t want a matching wedding band…”

Well, I knew she was going to Corvallis to meet her college roommate before she picked my tired ass up in Portland.  Each time we go, we get the ring checked and cleaned.  They told me they would tell her it needed a good “Laser cleaning” and would have to keep it for an hour.  During which, they would build a mould of the ring.  I let Kim, her roommate know the plan, in case they needed help convincing her to leave it that long.

It went off without a hitch.  They Fed Ex’d it to me at work, and when I gave it to her, it fit perfectly!  She bawled! She was so very happy!  I highly recommend Olufson Designs in Corvallis, Oregon!

OK the present was a win!  But now it was time for the Weekend!  Her 3 best friends in the world, Kim, Mark and Rob came up to spend the weekend celebrating with us! And lord I will tell you I need a week at work to recover!

They came up Thursday night and came over for wine and snacks.  MUCH more wine than snacks.  Since I was stuck working Friday (and the only one that was!) I had to crash out at 10.  They were still going strong!  We did introduce Kim to our balance board, though, she did very well, especially after a bit of wine!



There were a few hurtin campers the next day.

Friday dawned, I went to work (suck butt!) Mark and Rob went hiking up to Wallace Falls and Michelle and Kim went to get their hair done!

This is when the bad thing happened, our house got broken into.  Someone kicked in the back door!  They got $50 in change, some crappy costume jewelry and a PEMCO watch I got as an award, but never wore.  Broke the door frame too!

Michelle got the call, but I was able to come home and take care of it!  It wasNOT ruining her weekend.

Those two had fun at the salon and came home even MORE gorgeous!  Meanwhile the boys swear that during the hike, they followed a herd of strippers to the top.  (Or at least some scantily clad, possibly cosmetically enhanced ladies).  They had big dumb smiles on their faces when we met up for dinner!

Dinner was a blast that night!  We went to Buca di Beppo, a greater Italian food place, (according to Rob it translates into English as “The Hole of Joe) which we all love.  The food was great, but the best part was Rob asked the server to bring Mark a sippy cup for his wine.  And she did!!

15129021959_d4eba82c77_o Hats off to her for doing so (Rob tipped her well! She was a great server and also named Michelle!) and kudos to Mark for using the cup!  Gotta love these guys!

The next day we did Seattle!  First stop for the 5 of us Vivace Coffee.  As this crowd does NUTHIN without caffeine.


Then to REI as everyone LOVES to shop there!  I am still debating on whether to get this hat!


Next stop, we walked from REI to Pike Place Market!  I needed to walk off the food! It’s a great place to visit if you are a tourist OR a local.  We made sure Kim made it to the very first Starbucks store!



We also swung by the flying fish stand as well.



I really wanted them to throw this guy!


The Italian grocery store



And a good lunch!  Mark wasn’t as pleasant-looking this time, I think we should have asked for a new sippy cup again.



Just kiddin!  I have the knack of saying JUST the right thing to get this look from him, which is followed by a death threat then a huge smile!  He is great to have around!

The night ended with a gathering at Brad’s Swingside Cafe in Fremont for the birthday dinner!  Folks, there is NO better Italian food ANYWHERE! It’s an old house he converted to restaurant.  Michelle has been going there for years.  The man spoiled us rotten!  Extra appetizers for free, and we got to share the giant bottle of wine!



It was the perfect ending for Michelle’s birthday celebration!  FYI, if you go, have the hazelnut pesto, it IS to die for!  And go soon, he is closing up shop in February of 2015 and going to Italy to learn how to cook even better!

We came home to have a bit more wine, and watch our schools play football.  Mine lost, but her’s won!  I am happy for her!

Today, was a lazy recovery day of breakfast out at Diamond Knot and then out Seahawks on TV.  Michelle had her game face on!


The game went into over time, and we were pacing the whole time, but we won!  The perfect ending for great weekend

Happy birthday Michelle!  I love you!!

8 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl’s Weekend

  1. (Aside from the break-in…) What a fantastic birthday weekend! Michelle is lucky to have you as her hubby! The REI hat is a winner — you should definitely get it. And a CLOSE-UP of the ring, puhleese! 🙂

  2. Sorry…..please do some more evaluating — make some changes due to that break-in, because they might come back…… You are smart to take deliveries at work, because package thefts from home porches, and mailbox break-ins are rampant now.

      1. Don’t mean to scare you, but as I survey many northeast Seattle neighborhood blogs, I read that home break-ins, car prowls, package and mail thefts are very high. These crime patterns will increase before the holiday season.

  3. Overall a beautiful weekend! Our house was broken into 3 years ago and sadly they stripped everything of value. It was awful. On a brighter side we love Swingside Cafe! It’s been years since we’ve been there but I think it might be time for a return visit.

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